Hanover Castle — Leineschloss (Leine Castle)

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In the Hanover Castle, which actual name is Leineschloss (Leine Castle), resides the federal state parliament of Lower Saxony nowadays.

In former times it was the residence of the kings of Hanover Germany.

The history of the castle goes back into the 12th century when it was first created as an Franziskanerkloster (Franciscan Monastery). After duke Georg von Braunschweig und Lüneburg-Calenberg (yeah, really that long his name!) had selected Hanover to his residence in 1636, the northwest wing of the castle was renewed in 1742.

Further changes go back to the influence of Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves, who was working in Hanover. He reconstructed the castle between 1816 and 1844 completely.

The Hanover Castle called Leineschloss (Leine Castle) [Photo: Tim Schredder]

In addition came the large column porch at the flax route with six currantic columns and a flat triangel gable. This carries the coat of arms of the state Lower Saxony.

The Leine river side of the castle however corresponds to the baroque style.

In Second World War in 1943, the Hanover Castle burned out completely after air raids of British bombers. At reconstruction in the years 1957 to 1962, a modern plenary assembly hall had been built by Dieter Oesterlen in the place of a destroyed wing.

By the way, another "Leineschloss" is a river cruise ship you can charter in Hanover. Be aware of this when you ask folks for Leineschloss. Solution? Ask for the actual castle.

Or, of course, ask for both if you'd also like to go on a cruise! smile

Now is the time we go to the Leibnizhaus! Back in downtown, we're now taking a look at this fascinating building...


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