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German Cities and German Towns

If you drive through Germany and explore our German cities and towns, you will experience that many cities are scattered throughout the country. We have, however, large German cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne, as well as a lot of towns and villages.

Germany has about 82 million inhabitants. In the largest city, Berlin, live however only about 3.4 million inhabitants. In other words, it is here different to some other countries on earth where most people live concentrated in huge cities.

There are countries in which it seems as if humans would almost flee into the large cities. Sure, in our large German cities it is more likely that you will find a job than in the country, but we Germans dear to live comfortable and calm. We have sufficient stress during the day so that we love to relax in the evening. Best in calm environment in the country.

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In fact, you can do more in large German cities. In the small German towns and villages, it is usual that starting from 8 o'clock in the evening, "the sidewalks are lifted up." (As we tend to say; when you go out but nobody is on the road any more and all restaurants and shops are closed.)

Now, let's get started...

Below are some big cities in "featured format." Please find more through the left hand side navigation!

Magical Berlin

Historical Berlin

It still has its East and West sectors but without the old disturbing border and Berlin Wall. Discover this amazing city. Walk through the Brandenburg Gate and feel its historical meaning. Go up to the TV Tower and take an incredible view over the surrounding area. Also, you mustn't forget to try the local delicacy, C... [more...]

Funny Cologne

Always Funny Cologne

In Cologne you will also never become boring. I have spent 17 years in this city, and it is, by the way, an exception in Germany. So it belongs to the unusual German cities. In this city, almost one million humans live. Most of them are out to have a lot of fun, making new friends, or simply to... [more...]

Frankfurt — City Of Money

Skyline of Frankfurt Germany [Photo: Stadt Frankfurt am Main]

It is no secret that Frankfurt Germany "was built for money." You will see international public as well as bankers and stock-exchange speculators. However, it happens, who knows why, that the sidewalks at some places will be lifted up quite early. The flair, though, is incredible and int... [more...]

Sailor City Hamburg

Landungsbruecken -- Hamburg Germany [Photo:]

Another nice one of our German cities is Hamburg. If you are in Hamburg you absolutely must go to the Reeperbahn. That is one of the most exciting experiences! In addition, the enormous harbor facility with its gigantic ships is worth a journey as well. Make sure to charter a b... [more...]

Scientific Heidelberg

Skyline of Heidelberg Germany

Discover its huge castle, old and cosy architectonic buildings, as well as its nice and pretty people. Heidelberg is being recognized belonging to the most beautiful German cities. Heidelberg has a lot of research institutes (e.g. German Cancer Research Center), as well as 22 museums, and... [more...]

Munich — Capital Of Bavaria

Skyline of Munich Germany [Photo: Stefan Kuehn]

Munich is in each case also worth a journey when you discover German cities. In Munich, you're going to find a lot of taverns, restaurants and places extreme likewise, at which you can have a lot of fun. Secret tip: make sure you go to the "Leopoldstrasse." Internationally well-known actors... [more...]


Now, enjoy your journey through our German cities, towns and villages. Remember to "walk" through the other cities, too (left hand side navigation)!

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