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German Regions — Historical, Fascinating Variation

Germany is not uniform by any means. It holds distinct German Regions, each with its own share of history and physical arrangement.

The Northern part of the country is known for its sandy beaches while South Germany is covered with snow high in the Alps.

Two of the most popular German regions include the Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald) and the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) — cultural powerhouses that have contributed greatly to Germany's history.

The Bavarian Forest refers to the stretch of wooded landscape that drapes from the Danuve to the Bohemian Forest. It is host to Germany's first national park and is widely renowned for its forest and mining industries in addition to a thriving glassmaking scene.

As far as animals, there is no shortage with beats, wolves, and mountain beasts calling the area home. Another prominent Germany region is the Black Forest, which is most known for its clock making tradition, fresh air and pure water.

Special Tip!Make sure you visit the Capital of the Black Forest — Freiburg. This green city is incredible! And the entire Black Forest beauty is just behind the door. Awesome!

It is also known for its dazzling array of health resorts and spas, given the area's abundance of thermal springs. If you want a therapeutic treatment, you can take advantage of the mineral springs on the valets. There is also no shortage of hotel accommodations and things to do here.

If you're a rural setting type of person, you will appreciate the German region of Allgau (Allgäu) and Swabia (Schwaben). Its landscape is wide and varied with green forests and sky blue lakes ready to compete for your affection.

Architecture is also diverse with a selection of churches and concerts, plus an impressive array of water sport activities like sailing and jet skiing that come from the many lakes in the area.

Another one of the most popular German regions is right on the North Sea. Particularly, you would want to visit the Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer national park which bursts with marine life — all with five star hotels, Secret Resorts and restaurants surrounding the area.

One final German region worth mentioning is the Baltic Coast, which runs 385 kilometers along the German border. It is recognized for its grand palaces and manor estates which sprawl across along with castles and more than 200 lakes.

The Baltic Coast is so popular that it is even the setting for many international films. Plus, it is one of the premier destinations for kiting activities.

Like cuckoo clock making in the Black Forest, the small kiting industry is very prominent here with all of the weather conditions supporting it.

All in all, Germany offers a rich blend of different German regions all with their own distinct flavors.

Ooookayy, enjoy your time in our unique German Regions!

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