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On this page, when I say Freiburg I am talking about Freiburg im Breisgau, which is located in south-west Germany, right at the Black Forest.

For me, this is one of the most beautiful German cities.

Its history already started in the 11th century.

After the House of Zähringen built a castle on Schloßberg in 1091, the small settlement on the site of today’s southern old town and Oberlinden was chartered as a free market town by Konrad and Duke Bertold III in 1120.

The market rights, the favourable location and the silver mines in the Black Forest soon led Freiburg Germany to grow into a prosperous and influential city. In 1200, Bertold V initiated the construction of a new, large parish church, Freiburg Cathedral. The citizens of Freiburg later took on the financial re... [read more about the history of Freiburg...]

Historisches Kaufhaus (Historical Merchant Hall)

Historical Merchant Hall — Freiburg Germany [Photo: Marsupilami04]
Picturesque Merchant Hall

The Historic Merchant Hall, situated southwards the Cathedral, is a symbol of the importance of trade in medieval Freiburg. The seat of the municipal market, customs and financial administration is identified as a center of trade by its arcade hall.

Built in 1520/30, its façade and oriels decorated with coats of arms and statues indicates the city's links with the House of Habsburg. Maximilian I, his son Philipp of Burgundy and his sons, Emperor Charles V and Archduke Ferdinand I, represent the family that reigned over Freiburg for more than 400 years.

Münster (Freiburg Cathedral)

Freiburg Cathedral (Münster) [Photo:]
Freiburg Cathedral

In the middle of old town is the largest square, the Münsterplatz, where the farmer market takes place on every day except Sunday. This is the site of Freiburg's Münster, a gothic Cathedral constructed of red sandstone.

The Freiburg Cathedral was built between 1200 and 1530 and is noted for its flamboyant spire.

You'll find it close to the Historical Merchant Hall I mentioned just above.

Freiburger Bächle (Brook)

Freiburg Bächle (Brook) [Photo:]
Freiburger Bächle

The Bächle (brook) is characteristic for historical old town. Originally, they were probably meant for the supply of industrial water and as waste water channels.

Today, the water courses provide for a pleasant climate and are a popular play meadow for large and small. However, watch out!

Even popular people tapped into the brook and made everybody else around laughing. Another story tells, when you come to this city and tap into the brook; that means nevertheless, it was not your last visit to it. wink

Gerberau (or "Insel")

Gerberau / Insel in Freiburg Germany [Photo: Florian K.]
Gerberau / Insel

In old town, go to a place called Insel (island). There, you will find several cosy and very beautiful restaurants located right at a brook. (They're very tasty too!)

This place is also called Gerberau. Just ask for those both names and everybody knows what you are talking about. Then you go into the tavern that you like most.

This area is so picturesque and beautiful, you'll remember it for a very long time...

Eugen-Keidel Bad

Mineral Thermal Bath in Freiburg Germany [Photo:]
Refreshing Mineral Bath

Take a vacation of the everyday life. Dig into a completely own world of the well being feeling and the relaxation. Let everything behind you and enjoy the real treat of this incredible bath (or Resort).

Soothing water of natural sources, the healing heat of sauna's mixed with the healing chilly of its natural bathing pond, the humid steam of the Turkish bath, the smell of the Roman-Irish bath, relaxation of a massage, a sun bath on the lawn and terraces... You will be surprised about what a few hours are able to cause.

Every year, around 450,000 visitors come to this Mineral Thermal Bath situated in the south-west, right at the border of Freiburg. They provide with 1,000 sq.m. of water basins for bathing and swimming, including two indoor and one outdoor pool filled with mineral thermal water from their own, state-approved spa source. Visit the official Web site of the Eugen-Keidel Bad in Freiburg for further information.

Special Tip!You might be wondering where the Freiburg Tourist Information is located. It's very close to main station. In fact, it's only a 5 minutes footpath from there, at Rotteckring 14.

Wow, Freiburg has a lot to offer, right? But there is more — its history...


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City's Position

Map of Germany Showing Freiburg's Position [Image:]

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