Leipzig Germany — City of Bach and the Books Fair

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Leipzig Germany, also called Bach-Stadt (Back City), has a century long tradition of world-class orchestras and chorus, including Bach and Mendelssohn.

The Leipzig Fair is one of the most famous and is being considered as the Mother of All Fairs. It includes the international Leipzig Book Fair, the Auto Mobile International, and the Games Convention. And in the year 1997, the Leipzig Fair had a celebration for its 500 years imperial fair privilege

The Leipzig Germany Gewandhaus Orchestra (Gewandhaus = Cloth Hall) is the oldest civil concert orchestra of Europe. It is city- and world-wide famous since more than 250 years! It is located at a place called Augustusplatz.

Historical Specks Hof in Leipzig Germany
Specks Hof, 1900

Did you know that Leipzig Germany was the starting point of the peaceful revolution of 1989? The Leipzig Nikolaikirche represents one of the original scenes, as well as Augustusplatz and Promenadenring.

And in case you'd like to have some fresh air, the Auenwald invites you to stroll through. It's a very unique park area going through the city and has approx. 1,800 hectars!

OH, and the Leipzig Zoo is one of the oldest and species-richest Zoo Park in the world! Here you find the world largest anthropoid plant called Pongoland, a tiger taiga, an Africa Savannah, and much more. It's just so amazingly huge...

And in the pre-Christmas time, Leipzig Germany has the worlds largest free standing Advent Calendar!

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Leipzig City Tour: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 Forward to Leipzig History

City's Position

Map of Germany Showing Leipzig's Position [Image: opengeodb.de]

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