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The Hanover Stadium or AWD-Arena or...

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First opened in 1954, the Hanover Stadium is today a TOP modern arena.

86,656 spectators found seats in its first years of the Niedersachsen-
stadion (its first name).

The first international match that had been held here was on October 16th, 1954, Germany vs. France. Germany lost the match 1:3.

It was also a venue at the World Cup 1974, which was hosted in Germany as well. Means, the stadium has been reconstructioned for this event the first time. Also, many German Leichtathletik Championships have been held in the Hanover Stadium.

Okay, it was not really the first time that it has been reconstructioned. In 1965, it has got an eyecatcher: four floodlight pylors. Hanover people called them lovely toothbrushs. wink


Hanover Stadium called AWD-Arena [Photo:]
Hanover Stadium

In 1982, the stadium started to become a good place for rock and pop events. The Rolling Stones were live on stage, followed by Pink Floyd (oh man, I love their music!), Marius Müller-Westernhagen, AC/DC, and Tina Turner. Phil Collins filled the stadium on four consecutive days with altogether 240,000 fans.

In 2001, Hanover was awarded the contract to be one of twelve venues of the Fifa World Cup 2006™ with five matches. They immediately decided to reconstruction the stadium into a modern World Cup stadium and event center.

Now it has a gross capacity of 44,652.

Now we've seen some major targets of this modern city. Let's go back up and pick another German city that's of interest... smile


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How to get to Hanover Stadium
U-Bahn (Underground) U 3, 7, 9
Exit: Waterloo
Bus Bus 131, 132
Exit: AWD-Arena
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
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