EXPO 2000 — Germany's First Chance

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The resonance at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover Germany was larger than on any other world exhibition before.

The culture and event program of the entire EXPO 2000 covered in approximately 15,000 appearances and meetings.

155 nations and 27 international organizations participated. However, the USA called the participation off in April 2000 due to missing sponsor funds.

It happened then that the EXPO society expected 40 million visitors who should bring in 1.8 billion DM (German Mark) of admission fees.

EXPO 2000 in Hanover — Here the Pavilion of the Netherlands [Photo: JuergenG]
EXPO 2000

The map sales started sluggishly at the beginning though. A daily map for an adult person cost 69 DM. Also lunches raised very high sums. As a result, the price strategy was generally criticized.

After some weeks of poor visiting, the Expo society released special ticket for the evening which cost 15 DM only. This then resulted in a high steam of visitors so that finally 18 million people came to the EXPO 2000.

The picture here on the right shows the pavilion of Netherlands, in which I have been as well. smile Was quite interesting. (Yup, I stood in such ropes quite often, too.)

By the way, they provide the EXPOSEEUM nowadays. What's that you ask? It's a museum that shows, besides the documentation of the EXPO 2000 "person, nature, technology," the story of earlier and a preview of upcoming World Exhibitions.

This museum is located where the EXPO 2000 had been held, next to the German pavilion.

Visit the Web site of the EXPOSEEUM for further information (German only though). And here's the former Web site of the EXPO 2000 itself (English).

The EXPO 2000 took place from June 1 to October 31, 2000.

The EXPO was a one time event, the CeBIT is ongoing. the world's largest fair for electronic equipment and... hmm, let's just go to that page and read more about it, OK? OK. smile


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