Dusseldorf Germany — A Modern German City

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Dusseldorf Germany Is Considered As One Of The Most Modern German Cities.

In Dusseldorf Germany you will find friendly people, TV studios, as well as the center of the middle-western German culture. Read on to find out more...

When the Roman Empire was strengthening its position throughout Europe, a few Germanic tribes clung on to their marshy territory off the eastern banks of the Rhine river.

In the 7th and 8th centuries, the odd farming and fishing settlement could be found at the point where the small river Düssel flows into the Rhine. It was from such settlements that the city of Düsseldorf grew.

Imposing TV Tower In Dusseldorf Germany [Photo: Rainer Driesen]
Dusseldorf with TV Tower

However, the first written mention of Düsseldorf dates back to 1135. It had just a few inhabitants.

By the mid-19th century, Dusseldorf enjoyed a revival thanks to the Industrial Revolution as the city boasted 100,000 inhabitants by 1882 before the figure doubled only ten years later!

Today, 571,000 people enjoy a modern living in this city, love drinking its dark Altbier. wink

Special Tip!As soon as you arrive, go ahead and buy the Dusseldorf WelcomeCard. It is the cheapest and simplest way of getting to know the city. You have free usage of public transportation as well as free entry to museums, various attractions and leisure facilities. And... you can enter theatres and attend musical events at substantially reduced prices. The price for the WelcomeCard varies from 9 EUR for 24 hours up to 38 EUR for a 3-day ticket and up to 2 adults with 2 children.

I've found a cute, beautiful citymap of Dusseldorf. On it you can see some of my recommended sights.

CityMap with Downtown of Dusseldorf Germany
Dusseldorf City Map

Just keep it for future reference and/or print it out and use it to find what you are looking for on your journey through Dusseldorf.

However, you might wanna grab a larger citymap at Tourist Information, located at main station, Burgplatz (Castle Tower) and Berliner Allee.

Now, enjoy walking through this Media City using the Dusseldorf City Tour navigation below or on top (or the links in the left hand side navigation).

We're getting started with Old Town...

Dusseldorf City Tour: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 Forward to Dusseldorf Old Town

City's Position

Map of Germany Showing Dusseldorf's Position [Image: opengeodb.de]

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