Oktoberfest Munich — World's Biggest "Volksfest"

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The Theresienwiese, place is a former horse racing ground and today mainly known as the site of the Oktoberfest, also called Wiesn.

The statue "Bavaria" of the Hall of Fame (Ruhmeshalle) watches over the grounds.

When you hear the word Oktoberfest (first helt in 1810!) you might think of Bavarian Beer, right? But, there is a lot more going on.

Go into the huge Beer Tents (you might want to reserve seats first, for friends, family, or colleagues) and you will expirience a real big party!

Millions of Happy People on Oktoberfest in Munich [Photo: oktoberfest.de]
Incredible Oktoberfest

Dancing people on tables, screaming youngster drinking an entire "Maß" beer (1Liter!), live brass bands playing traditional Bavarian music (that alone is awesome and will make you drunken, promise!), well-built women uncover their bodies (okay, well-built men do that as well wink...

Just experience the thrill of this unusual yearly festival, which will be held around the time from the end of September to the start of October.

It has a very special atmosphere, and a lot of happy people all around there. They come from all over the world.

And you're going to see German politicians, actors, musicians, producers, and football stars, too.

Special Tip!This single page is not enough for you? No problem. Go to the official Web site of the Oktoberfest Munich to receive even more info, tips and photos about this incredible yearly party, fascinating people from all over the world.


Wow, that is really a huge fest. Millions of people, endless beer, Lederhosen, Bavarian slang... let's advance to the building I mentioned at the beginning, the Hall of Fame...

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