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The Munich Stadium Called Allianz Arena

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In my opinion, the Munich Stadium called Allianz Arena is the most beautiful stadium of the world.

Fans have been waiting a long time for their new "Football Temple."

On October 21st, 2001, a citizen decision took place for the building of the stadium. It should clarify the question whether a new stadium should be built or the existing Olympiastadion should be extended.

This voting went out with approximately 2/3 of the voices to favour of a new building.

Good choice... wink

The new Munich Stadium or Allianz Arena, built by the Swiss star architects Herzog & de Meuron, is located in the north of Munich. In it, the Bundesliga clubs FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München play their home matches. Among other things, the opening match of the Fifa World Cup 2006 had been whistled there.

Munich Stadium called Allianz-Arena [Photo: Patrick Huebgen]
Munich Stadium

The Allianz Arena has a capacity of 66,016, 3 day-care centers, as well as fanshops and restaurants on a total area of about 6.500 m². In the walls of and next to the stadium, the Europe's biggest car park with a capacity for 10,500 cars had been built.

The facing of the Allianz Arena consists of 2,874 air cushions and has a total surface area of 64,000 square meters. This is the world’s biggest façade made of foil.

Allianz Arena by darkness in blue [Photo:]Allianz Arena by darkness in red [Photo:]Allianz Arena by darkness in white [Photo:]
Fascinating Illumination

The foil is only 0.2 mm thick and up to 98% UV-permeable. Each cushion has a surface area of approximately 35 square meters, although none of the honeycombs made of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) has precisely the same shape. Giant fans underneath the stadium pump up the cushions and ensure that there is always an adequate supply of air available.

If the blower fails and water collects during the resulting cooling process, a type of valve opens at the lowest point so that the moisture can flow away before the mass of water overloads the roof construction. If snow settles on the roof during winter, a total of 12 pressure sensors measure the snow and trigger a pressure increase in the cushions to balance out this load.

The membranes have a self-cleaning coat and are ventilated continuously. They are one thirtieth of the weight of glass.

As you can see, the Allianz Arena can be illuminated in the colors white, red and blue in any desired order. In fact, it is intented to dye the Munich Stadium in the colors of the currently playing home team. The light can be changed within the space of two minutes in order to exclude a hazard on the highway.

It's likely that even people wo aren't interested in football will be fascinated by the stadium's illuminated façade, which plays with a variety of color effects. It's even possible to reflect the drama of the game in the intensity of the lighting.

"This building is almost a living being," said the celebrity architect duo Jacque Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, which has designed the imposing Allianz Arena.

South the arena follows a 136 m broad and 543 m long park, which has streamlined ways. These ways serve to lead the visitors coming from the Underground station Fröttmaning down to the stadium. At the same time, the crash of visitors can be purposefully decartelized and steered.

Also, visit the official website of the Allianz Arena for further information.


After this irresistibly fascinating, illuminated stadium, we have the strong wish to drink something, haven't we? OK, let's go to a world famous "restaurant"...

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How to get to Munich Stadium (Allianz Arena)

S-Bahn (Suburban Railway) S 7, 8, 9
Exit: Sportfeld
U-Bahn (Underground) U 6
Exit: Fröttmaning & Footpath Footpath 15 minutes
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
Note: You don't know the above signs? Here is an explanation.
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