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Thilling Leipzig Bars & Nightlife Ensure Pure Fascination

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The Leipzig Bars transmit the special, old feeling to the present.

I'm now going to introduce you to two very special ones. Here we go...

The Auerbachs Keller, built in 1525, is the most well-known and secondary-oldest restaurant of Leipzig.

An American study calls it in fifth place of the most well-known restaurants of the world (after the Munich Hofbräuhaus, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the Café Sacher in Vienna, and the Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles)!

The Auerbachs Keller is located in the Grimmaischen Straße 2 in old-downtown, just a few steps from the market place, under the Mädlerpassage.

Leipzig Bars — Auerbachs Keller [Photo:]
Auerbachs Keller

It has four historical guest rooms: Fasskeller (barrel cellar), Lutherzimmer (Luther room), Goethezimmer (Goethe room), and the room Alt-Leipzig (Old-Leipzig). Each of those has only 20-40 places, therefore you have to reserve your seat long time in the run-up. In addition, it has the Großer Keller (large cellar), which was reconstructed in 1913.

By the way, Goethe made this restaurant famous during his study in Leipzig from 1765 to 1768. He was just impressed by the building (like hundreds of thousand of others, too!).

Barthels Hof (Bartels Yard)

Barthels yard is one of the important objects of interest of Leipzig Bars.

Bartels Hof — Leipzig Bars [Photo: Ivo Bauer]
Bartels Hof

This for Leipzig typical fair yard was built from 1747 to 1750 by George Werner for the businessman Gottlieb Barthel. The baroque front to the Fleischergasse is very narrow and inconspicuous, so that one hardly assumes such a building behind it.

Around the irregularly formed yard, four-storeyed houses are arranged with very high roofs. In the ground floors were purchase chambers and stables, and in the upper floors were pompous festival rooms.

Some other houses contained the living areas of the businessmen. You even can see on the crane crossbars, which had been put on to pull up goods, that the attics were used as warestocks.

Today, numerous shops and the traditional restaurant Barthels Hof are in the restored Barthels Hof, in which you can get typical Saxonian cuisine; since more than one century.

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