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The Leipzig Stadium or Zentralstadion Leipzig

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The Leipzig Stadium is the connection of modern age and tradition. It is a architectural and technical high-modern soccer stadium.

The 44,199 seats offering Leipzig Stadium has been constructed particularly for the Fifa World Cup 2006™ in Germany. As one of altogether 12 venues it was the play place for four first round matches and for one eighth final match of this Party of the Century.

In 1956, the stadium were opened after only 15 months construction period. With its 100,000 seats it was world-wide well-known as the largest stadium of Germany and under the name Stadium of Hundredthousand.

Leipzig Stadium called Zentralstadion [Photo:]
Leipzig Stadium

In 1997, the city council of Leipzig decided to construct a new pure soccer stadium within the old stadium walls. Over bridges, which connect the new stadium with the old stadium walls, the visitors arrive at the considered seats in the new stadium (see picture for more details!).

Optical highlight of the new Zentralstadion Leipzig is the spectacular roof structure with the integrated floodlight installation. The perfectly co-ordinated sound system provides outstanding acoustics.

It goes without saying that the Leipzig Stadium fulfilled all strict regulations of the international football federation FIFA.

Sooo, and after such sporting sport, let's rest a bit and find some neat bars. smile

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How to get to the Leipzig Stadium

Tram Tram 3, 7, 15
Exit: Sportforum
Bus N 2
Exit: Sportforum
Footpath Footpath 20 minutes
From: Hauptbahnhof
(Hbf = main station)
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
Destination: Am Sportforum
Note: You don't know the above signs? Here is an explanation.
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