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Indestructible Leipzig History

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Leipzig Germany in the state Saxony has always been known as a place of commerce.

It was first documented in 1015, and endowed with city and market privileges in 1165.

The Leipzig Trade Fair became an event of international importance; especially as a point of contact to the East-European economic bloc (Comecon) of which East Germany was a member.

One more dot in the Leipzig History is its University, which was founded in 1409. It initiated the city's development into a center of the publishing industry, and towards being a location of the German National Library, which was founded in 1912.

Johann Sebastian Bach worked in Leipzig at Thomaskirche from 1723 to 1750. In 1813, the Leipzig region was the arena of the Battle of the Nations. You can see that by a monument, which has been built in 1913 on the place of happening.

The first German long distance railroad was completed in 1838, which led down to Dresden, the capital of Saxony. Leipzig then became a hub of Central-European railroad traffic. It got a new huge station building (Leipzig Hauptbahnhof), which is the largest passenger train station in Europe (together with Frankfurt's main station).

In early 1990's, Leipzig Germany expanded rapidly towards 700,000 inhabitants (today: around 500,000).

Another dot in the Leipzig History is that the city was heavily damaged by Allied bombing during World War 2. American troops captured the city on April 20th, 1945. Then later, they ceded the city to the Red Army.

In 1989 after prayers for peace at Nikolaikirche, the most prominent and brave mass event, the Monday demonstrations, started, whose led to democratisation and later on to the German reunification.

Interested in monuments? OK, let's go to the Völkerschlacht-
denkmal, which is our next step on our Leipzig City Tour...

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