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The Hamburg Stadium, also called AOL-Arena or Volksparkstadion, is a concert and a match place, and the Bundesliga club Hamburger SV (HSV) uses it predominantly.

The stadium is located in the Bahrenfeld Volkspark (that's why it's also called Volksparkstadion), and at first it was called Altonaer Stadion. (A trip through the Volkspark, which is right behind the stadium, is definitely worth the time.)

Originally built in 1925, it has been destroid completely during the Second World War. In 1953, it was again-established on war rubble debris.

Numerous international matches took place in the Hamburg Stadium, e.g. the Fifa World Cup 1974 (was hosted in Germany as well), in which Jürgen Sparwasser optained his unforgettable goal to the 1:0 for the DDR (East-Germany) against the BRD (West-Germany). (Yup, happened in this stadium here.)

Hamburg Stadium called AOL-Arena
Hamburg Stadium

The building has been turned around 90° in 1998 and reconstructed. Further more, a special permission of the Federal Office of Aviation was required because the stadium lies in the main approach corridor.

The new AOL-Arena, which is a official 5-Star-Stadium (you will feel it once you are there wink), belongs to the European-wide most beautiful and most modern stadiums.

It has a capacity for 55,800 fans and served as one of 12 hosts at the Fifa World Cup 2006.

All right, enough the sightseeing for today. Let us now enjoy the nightlife of Hamburg. Where? On the Reeperbahn! smile

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How to get to Hamburg Stadium / AOL-Arena
S-Bahn (Suburban Railway) S 21
Exit: Stellingen (Arenen)
MetroBus MetroBus 22
Exit: Hellgrundweg (Arenen)
Bus Bus 180
Exit: Am Volkspark
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
Destination: Hellgrundweg
Note: You don't know the above signs? Here is an explanation.
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