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Hamburg Landungsbrücken — Historical Waterway Station

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The 700 meter long floating dock at the underground station Landungsbrücken is Hamburg's waterway station. This is where harbour tours start.

From here, harbour ferries are departing and the HADAG steamers move to nearby Finkenwerder, Övelgönne and Blankenese. Even imposing luxury cruise ships put in here from time to time! Amazing experience...

Colourful souvenir shops offer waterfront memories to buy and cosy fish restaurants serve as much fresh plaice or North Sea shrimps as you can eat.

The Hamburg Landungsbrücken [Photo:]

Not far from museum sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers at Brücke 1, the museum freighter Cap San Diego is docked at Überseebrücke. The tower on eastern side indicates the water level as well as the time and the ship's bell tolls every half an hour.

The first Landungsbrücken were built in 1839 and served as moorings for steamers. They were erected at the edge of the harbour because it was possible to load coal there, which they needed for their engines.

Since they sailed with stoked fires onboard, they posed a cauldron of dangers for the Hamburg Port. This was another reason for the erection of the Landungsbrücken for the steamers at the harbour's edge.

From 1907 to 1909, an entire waterway station grew out of the first Landungsbrücken. Unfortunately, in the Second World War the Waterway Station was seriously damaged.

The moving pontoons of today have existed since being rebuilt between 1953 and 1955.

How amazing, hugh? But that's not all. Let's move on to Speicherstadt — one of Hamburg's Top sights! smile

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Germany Travel > Country > German Cities > Hamburg > Landungsbrücken