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Secret Resorts In Germany – Part 3 of 4

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Step 3 – The Wellness Sector

Ready for the third part of Secret Resorts? Ookay, here we go :-)

The Wellness Sector is one of the most important indicators for selecting the Secret Resorts of your dreams.

What do you have of it if the location is TOP and the facilities are new, but the Wellness Sector consists, lets say... only of a Sauna and a small pool? You might feel relaxed only superficially. The consequence: Grind is pre-programmed. A pool and a Sauna are not sufficient.

I for myself know by own experiences that some of those so called Secret Resorts only use their title, because they have installed a sauna recently, "and outside you have the freshest air in whole Germany" they write in their brochures.

So what?! Of course, fresh air outside is good. No doubt. You go out, take a deep breath and exhale. Do that a lot of times during your stay and it will give your inner cells and immune system a huge kick into recovery and health. And you know, I am not talking about 'fresh air' in cities but about real fresh air in forests regions.

By the way, visit our Black Forest and you know what I am talking about.

But, however, what has fresh air to do with the Secret Resort itself? You do not sleep outside, do you? There might be days where you mostly stay inside and let yourself spoil like a Queen/King. And you might not be able to it if there is anything but a Wellness Sector at all.

And most of all, why do they call their shack a Secret Resort with just a Sauna inside? What a cheek! You book, arrive and expect to be spoiled for the next three weeks, but all you get is a sauna and maybe 'fresh water' in a pool and fresh air outside. You deserve much more than that. And believe me, there is good news: it is possible :-)

Okay, what now comes is a checklist in a checklist :-)

You should find the following in a Wellness Sector:

1. Sauna - yes, but at least two, better four; with different temperature ranges and smells. A plus: if besides that another external area is present (for cooling). A health-scientific description of correct application should be present additionally. You surely would not like to terminate the sauna with a cold, but healthier than before, would you?

2. Solarium - just in case you want a tan additionally. I know people whose energy rose after an attendance in a Solarium. It's not a must, but good Secret Resorts have.

3. Massage - here the chaff separates from the wheat. Relaxation starts with a good long intense massage. A hotel, which calls itself 'Wellness', MUST offer massage. Make sure the massage is held daily and in the house. It would be disturbing, if you would have to drive to another place. That way the relaxation of the massage treatment would get lost fast.

4. Pools - good Secret Resorts have pools. Ensure that the pools are not old. If you find different pools besides that with e.g. different smells, that is a plus - therefore very pleasant and relaxing. Again, besides all that stuff, everything written here should be in-house! You don't want to have to drive to a next town or village, do you? Allright. We have covered a lot. Look forward to my last issue on how to find awesome German Secret Resorts. In that you will get to know what another indicator of good Secret Resort is, in terms of our Hotel Classifications. Finally you will get an overall checklist which you can keep handy. It will safe you a bunch of time, trust me.

Anyhow, enjoy your trip(s)! :o)

Marcus Hochstadt
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