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Top Travel Destinations — Outside Germany

Are you looking for top travel destinations other than Germany? This top travel destinations page is the right place for you.

When you travel to Germany it is very likely that you also love travel in general. In other words, you like other continents and countries too, don't you?

Now, you know me, and you know how valuable the information are I'm providing for you. So, I decided to provide information and links to Web sites that are about countries and/or continents outside of Germany.

These sites provide high quality, on target information with personal recommendations. I personally know the Web masters of those Web sites. In other words, you can trust them, too. :)

Well, I did think about whether or not I should offer links to Web sites providing information about other continents for a long time.

Special Tip!This page will grow over time. So, it's a good idea to check back often for new links. Or grab the RSS feed here on left hand side to be notified as soon as I add a new link to this page.


Africa Vacations and Wildlife Guide — Lyn and Derek provide on-target information and resources for your travel to Africa. For example, bungee jumping, mountain climbing (Kilimanjaro) tracking mountain gorillas, etc. Its an amazing continent and they provide African wildlife pictures and animal facts, too. Check it out!


Note: Each human is different, so I would like to get to know what other Top Travel Destinations you are looking for. Simply drop me a line using the Contact Form on the "Contact Me!" page.

Other than that... Enjoy your trips! smile


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