German Gift – Make The Right Decision

The Right German Gift Is Often Something Different Than A Flower Or A Bottle Of Wine. Read On To Find Out.

The most given German gifts are flowers for women an a bottle of wine for men. But you could do better.

A bottle of wine, unless it is 50 years old, will be drunk at one of the next evenings. And the flowers a woman gets are withered in a couple of days.

Here is what I would do instead. And that will fascinate both women and men.

==> Bring something with you that is from your country or represents the culture of your home in particular.

Now back to the flowers and the wine bottle.

If these flowers are so unique and last for a long time, means that it is a plant, than it is a good German gift. And if the wine is a few decades old so that your recipient won't empty that bottle unless you come back and you both celebrate a big deal (or something else extraordinary), that bottle will get the best place in his house, and he will show every guest this German gift he got from his friend. He even will remember the day and the reason he got it for.

And this is my point here. Your friend, whom you give that gift, has to feel special that it brings tears in her/his eyes. Your gift has to be so unique that your friend makes everything possible to get a special place in her/his house for that German gift.

A friend of mine from South-Africa, when she visited me the other day, she brought a brown South-African tribal mask, which looks pretty scaring and amusing at the same time.

She brought it for my mom, and it has still its unique place in her home. Everybody who hasn't seen it before ask her what it is and from whom she got such a unique, historical and picturesque gift. Some even asked if she bought it on an auction (no, not ebay, a place such as "Christies") and how much my mother paid for it.

The point is not how much it costs. The South-African mask does not cost very much, even for them. The point is the feelings you will tap by giving this.

So now I have a short checklist for you to focus on.

Unique and Extraordinary – If you get this gift at each and every corner, better forget it.

Cultural – your gift has to represent your culture and its history

You see, what you can cause with a gift that is probably normal for you and your culture, but very special for us here in Germany.

All the best.

Marcus Hochstadt
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About the Author:
Marcus Hochstadt has a high interest in helping you gain the delightful form of a smart travel to and through Germany. Just recently, he has written a special report on "How to Travel for Free!". You can download it at

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