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Secret Resorts In Germany – Part 2 of 4

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In the first part of the Secret Resorts in Germany article I went into details of the environment of such 'Wellness Hotels'. I told you how it should be in terms of building deep relaxing and precious moments.

In this second part you will go to find out why it is important to look at the age and condition of your prospective Wellness Hotel.

Step 2 – Age and condition of Secret Resorts

Often in pictures it is difficult to recognize how the condition of the Secret Resorts is. Like I already mentioned, in the high polish brochures you see the most beautiful pictures. The Hotel shows up from its most beautiful side. Often they do not show the reality which you find locally. Sometimes the pictures are so old that they hush up the current condition of the hotel.

It is absolutely disappointing when you arrive expectantly at the Secret Resorts of your choice and discover how filthy and old the equipments are. In a smeared bath tub it does not relax so well as in a new, shining bath tub, right?

Okay. And how do you find out now whether the Secret Resorts corresponds to your high expectations?

• Find out when the Secret Resorts was reconditioned the last time

In any case it should have been reconditioned within the last ten, better six years.

If it were reconditioned for example in the year 1984, you surely won't just find old bath tubs, but in vain you are looking for a Wellness Paradise (what I mean by Wellness Paradise? More on this later).

On the other hand if the Secret Resorts was reconditioned however in the last five years, the probability is huge that you find everything you need for a relaxing and restful stay.

Why? Look, if it were reconditioned five years ago, the owner of the hotel will have made sure that he let insert the most modern devices and bath tubs. Five years ago there were very efficient and effective Wellness devices (e.g. Sauna, Whirlpools, etc.). The owner of the Secret Resorts who reconditioned recently wants to guarantee that they spoil their guests. They invest into their business and future.

I do not want to claim that all owners of Secret Resorts who reconditioned 20 years ago are not ready to invest into their future. Some of them just have no money for it. And why do they not have the money? Because they have too few guests thus too little sales. And why do they have too little guest/sales?

One reason: their devices are too old.

You see, it is a vicious circle. Not every owner of a Secret Resorts is at the same time also an entrepreneur. Some just did not learn how to deal with the needs of their guests. That is it, what I meant above with 'service desert.' ;-)

So make sure that the Secret Resorts of your desire were reconditioned recently. Your stay will run multiple more fascinating.

Anyway, this was the second part of my checklist to find the Secret Resorts in Germany. In the next two parts I will go in details to the wellness sector and the hotel classifications.

Enjoy your trip! Marcus Hochstadt
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