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Amusement Parks and Theme Parks in Germany – Part 3 of 3

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Would you like to dive into a complete different world to escape the everyday life? Then this 3-part report about our TOP German Amusement and Theme Parks might interest you...

In the past two parts of this report I told you about seven TOP German Amusement Parks and Theme Parks, whose ensure you gain an unforgettable day (and a lot more).

So, with that having said, you also have to consider how much time you will have when you are in such Theme Parks. Imagine this, you would like to enjoy one more attraction, but you would have to queue up for approx. 120 minutes? Yeah, not unusual in those TOP German Amusement Parks!

Nevertheless, the fact that you have my advice and guidance, you will be able to "prevent" yourself from such annoying situations.

Question, would you like to save approx. 50% of your valuable time while being in such TOP German Amusement Parks and Theme Parks? Yes? Okay, then read on... ;-)

Step 1

The main visiting day is Sunday, followed by Saturday. If it is possible for you thus, visit the parks under the week, between Monday and Friday. You will otherwise be annoyed to have yourself queue up 1 or 2 hours long for only one ride. That can be pesky.

Step 2

Take your time for each park. I recommend taking one complete day, at huge parks perhaps even two days. You are annoyed otherwise to have missed important attractions. Even though our parks aren't as big as Disney World in Paris or in Orlando, you should not put yourself in a rush.

Step 3

Journey on very early. Be there before they open their gates. Early in the morning the park is empty, and you gain a more pleasant and faster overview. And if you travel by car, it's common you find a parking lot quite close to the entrance. That saves some time as well.

Step 4

Inform yourself in advance, on my Website or on the Website of the park. Which attractions do you want to visit in any case? Note it, like a "Park Route Guide." Process this plan first. If you then still have time, you still can go onto other attractions (or just repeat the most exciting ones!).

Step 5

Start at the end of the park. That way you avoid long waiting periods at individual attractions. Most visitors start their journey at the "official starting point."


Plan your midday meal, therefore the attendance in the restaurant, very early or very late. Most visitors eat in the time between noon and 1 p.m. Go eating at 11 a.m. or at 2.30 p.m., thus you save up to 60 minutes of your valuable time.

WOW! Amazing, isn't it? Just follow the above steps and you're done! Better, print this page out and refer back to it in advance to your thrilling journeys. Best, refer back to my site at
to get a lot more additional information and updates.

For now, enjoy whatever you do!


Marcus Hochstadt
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