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Cologne Germany — 18 Insider Tips — Part 2 of 2

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Cologne Germany has a lot to offer, and in this second part I give you the remaining 10 insider tips you surely already were looking for...

Old town of Cologne Germany is the starting point for most people. It is world-wide well-known from lots of postcards. Old houses, countless churches, cathedral, taverns, restaurants, pubs, cramped alleys, Rhine river...

The city offers an unparalleled selection of more than 3,000 bars, restaurants and breweries, the highest number per capita than anywhere else in Germany. Anyway, shall we get started? Great!

TOP 10 Bars and Restaurants

9. The proven best restaurant in Cologne Germany is the Boersen-Restaurant (Stock-Market Restaurant), located in a street called Unter Sachsenhausen No. 10-26. It consists of the Restaurant Maitre, the Boersen-Stube, Boersen-Schaenke, and several meeting rooms. Yummy!

10. Three Frenchmen created this terrific restaurant called "Le Moissonnier," located in Krefelder Str. 25. Once you enter this "tavern," you'll feel the spirit the three chiefs spray throughout the rooms.

11. When Bruno Spatola, Chief of the restaurant "Da Bruno," opened his restaurant in the mid-90's, he didn't think it would become that great success. Even a South-German newspaper is considering Da Bruno as "The Best Italian of Germany." You find this exquisite gourmet temple in Suerther Hauptstrasse 157 in the district Suerth.

12. Cologne's smallest restaurant "Capricorn Aries Restaurant" is located in the heart of the southern part of the city (Altenburgerstrasse 34). It was built in a monument-protected house in modern-elegant ambience. Rewarded with a Michelin star, Klaus Jaquemod cooks fine French cuisine. The area is being held completely in white, contains four tables for maximally 16 guests, and, at late hour, it uses a special light system to change itself into different colors. Awesome.

13. The "Vintage" is a restaurant, in which you can enjoy more than 600 (!) high-quality wines at reasonable prices in a pleasant atmosphere with good cuisine for large and small hunger. You can buy the wines of your favours. The kitchen has been awarded several times as one of the TOP ones in Cologne Germany and Germany wide. You find it in downtown, Pfeilstrasse 31.

14. Excelsior Hotel Ernst, located right nearby Cologne Cathedral in Trankgasse 1, is a 5-Star Hotel. It contains the Hanse Stube, which is famous for its innovative French cuisine and culinary finesse. In the taku, Japanese cuisine in the tradition of Asian culinary art and hospitality is going to be served. Further the Piano Bar, in which you can easily relax and forget about the daily routine.

15. Not to injustice, the "Bizim" is considered as "The Noble Turk" of Cologne Germany. Faraway of Doener and Lamacun (usual meals at Turkish snack bars), their menu proves how variously the Turkish cuisine can be. Hint: a punctual table reservation is absolutely necessary! The Bizim is located in Weidengasse 47, and considered as an insider tip.

16. The "Gaffel Haus," located at Alter Markt 20, is considered as a place at which the culture of hospitality is maintained. In the last 600 years, Cologne became the scene for liberty and democracy; and the Gaffel House shows some historical facts as it was the tradition house for Cologne's Gaffel.

17. Whether you would like to dance, watch other people, or relax in a beer garden with up to 1,200 people (!), the "Herbrand's" is definitely a place where you can forget the everyday life. Located in district Ehrenfeld, Herbrandstrasse 21, you will like the architectural building and surrounding.

18. Stroll through the traditional Muehlengasse in old town of Cologne Germany, and take a rest in "Peters Brauhaus" (Peter's Brewing House). Fine brewing atmosphere mixed with traditional Cologne cuisine let you easily relax after heavy sightseeing.

Now, visit for further information, and for some pictures of Cologne Germany.

So, whatever you are going to do in Cologne Germany, enjoy it! :-) This city is definitely worth staying longer than one day. I myself lived 17 years of my life in this carnivalistic stronghold.

Best regards,
Marcus Hochstadt
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