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Black Forest — Germany's Natural Masterpiece

Without a doubt, the Black Forest in southwest Germany is a natural masterpiece.

Known as the Schwarzwald, the Black Forest is a strip of forest along the German-French border that is littered with spas, resorts, hiking trails, and small quaint villages.

It was first made famous as a paradise for the rich by the Roman emperor Caracalla who loved to bathe in the natural spring waters 2000 years ago. Today, celebrities flock to the Black Forest like clockwork to appreciate the springs and the majestic greenery that form its backdrop.

Within the Black Forest you're going to find small towns that form the starting point for many of the region's activities. Guest lodges are scattered throughout and accessible by hiking, auto, and bicycle.

Unique Farmer Houses in Black Forest, Germany [Photo: Schwarzwälder]
Usual Farmer House
In Black Forest

One of the nicest areas is the Pforzheim which sits on the northern edge and is the hub for clock and jewelry making. There is a small museum that chronicles time keeping strategies throughout the centuries along with the Schmuchmuseum collection that features jewelry pieces dating back through ancient times.

In addition, Pforzheim has a deluxe garden with more than 50,000 species of plants growing naturally along the river.

Another attraction within the Black Forest is Triberg, a small village that hosts the Schwarzwald Museum which boosts one of the finest collections of crafts and clocks anywhere.

South that town is yet another museum (proudly named the German Clock Museum) which is located in a small village.

If you want more cuckoo clocks, pay a visit to Freiburg with its weaving environment inviting of bicycle trails. It holds a university, a cathedral, and medieval architecture around every corner.

The Old City side of the town (Altstadt) is a mini-Venice with neat canals and ancient buildings along with a cable car service that lifts tourists along the Schauinsland Mountains where there is much to do from the mountaintops. It is also a cultural paradise, with musical festivals in the summers and wine tasting parties towards the end of August.

The last and arguably most popular region in the Black Forest area is the town of Baden-Baden ("bath bath" in English), which is located on the western side on the Oos river. It is known for its luscious spas, including the Caracalla and the Roman Irish Spas that let you immerse yourself into brush massages and water lounging. It also has kilometers upon kilometers of hiking trail for the hiking enthusiasts.

So Baden Baden, as well as the entire Black Forest is indeed a cultural paradise worth considering on your next visit.

Worth seeing also is Fuerstenberg, and the famous castle park in Donaueschingen. A travel with the historical steam courses into Blumberg and Ottenhoefen is fascinating, too.

Special Tip!Experience a whole bunch of fun without borders in the Europe Park in Rust by Freiburg, Germany largest amusement park. I always had the time of my life there.

Not to forget what the middle of Black Forest has to offer...

Numerous culinary specialities, such as the outstanding Ortenauer wine, heavy bacon, heartful farmer bread or an unforgettable piece of the legendary Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Layer Cake). Yummy! smile

Vacation in the center of the Black Forest is at the same time vacation in an old culture landscape. Therefore, many traditional customs do still live on nowadays. Old handicraft arts are incredibly well maintained.

Enjoy your trip to this fascinating and pretty unique area!

And tell me your story once you've been there!



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