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Welcome To The STG Fan Corner! (STG) is growing like heck. To prove it I have an interesting short report for you...

Well, Alexa is the indicator to see how often a site is being visited and how other users rate a site.

Frankly, we currently have more than 53 Million websites (domains) with more than 8 Billion pages in our world.

Okay, so much to the mathematics. Now to the fun part — the statistics.

On December 21st, 2004, I registered this domain. At the end of December, my site was already at position 1,219,418 (the lower the Alexa number, the higher the ranking, i.e. the more people are visiting a site). It seems that a lot of people already waited for a site like mine... smile

At January 10th, 2005, my site ranking went up to position 888,040. Now look at this here, where my site ranks today :

STG Alexa Site Ranking

Yeah, it's in the TOP 1 % of all sites out there! smile And my site rank will go up and up! Just check back often here and see. It's incredible how other people like what I have to offer. Heck, I just throw out of my head what I explored over the last 16 years...


Finally, for STG-Fans!

Here in the STG Fan Corner, you can now download the Smart Travel Germany Toolbar v1.0! Powered by Alexa

STG Toolbar

This is a pressed graphic; the toolbar will look much better in your browser

I'm so excited to announce this. Grab it and you'll have instant access to my site, whenever you like. (There's a 'Travel Germany' button on the far left.)

You as a fan of my site will like this tool.

You just surf around the WWW and get some interesting traffic and other details. And, of course, it has an integrated search feature. No need to go on Google to search for something. (Or, of course, use the Google Search Box on top of each page on my site here.)

Link To STG — Show Your Appreciation

That other STG fans link to this Web site I recognize quite often.

Be one of them! Show others you appreciate this Web site, as well as this amazing country called Germany. wink

Spread the word by simply posting this link (copy&paste) onto your blog or Web page:

Thanks very much! Fellow STG and Germany Lovers will appreciate your help! smile

Sooo, that's it for now. Have a great day!


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