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Check Out These Websites for Help With Travels in Germany

Below are a list of websites that can serve as great resources for help with your German travels.

All right, here we go... — My blue baby... A site dedicated to those searching for information about each and every German city (more than 12,000+!).

Hotel Search Germany — I've now partnered with a smart, German Hote Search company offering VERY special prices here through my Web site. Find the hotel of your dreams right here.

Holiday HomesNew! — In the field of self catering accommodation, I now partnered with Euro Relais, who offer more than 6000 holiday homes in 16 European countries. They are an experienced and professional travel organisation that stands for quality.

Travel Posters — I myself have two posters sticking on the wall close to my desk. One is a map of Germany and the other of our world. Oh man, I love to look on my world map and think about when and where to travel next So, if you'd like to have one too, I have found a site with quite good ones. — Condor is a German aircraft company and they offer now inner European flights starting at 29 EUR (38 USD) as well as (and that is new!) intercontinental flights starting at amazingly 99 EUR (131 USD)! That's incredible. These ticket prices are available at

Lerning German — Remember how you learned your mother tongue? Without studying grammar, without learning words like you did in school with a foreign language. It took years in school getting used to a certain level. As a child it only took months instead. You got used to it by memorizing pictures with appropriate movements and behaviours. Rosetta Stone uses this simple, highly efffective technique so you, too, can learn a foreign language fast and comfortably. I personally use their software, too.

Train Travel — Travelling through Germany by train is a pleasure. And it doesn't have to be expensive. After a comprehensive research I found RailEurope, build a connection with them, and can now offer you very well-priced train tickets here through my Web site.

Train Travel II — Another company that offers well-priced train tickets is RailPass. Their advantage is, when you buy your train ticket from them, you can go on a river cruise — for free! In addition, you have free travel on selected bus lines operated by Deutsche Touring/Europabus (see offer just below). So make sure you get your RailPass ticket today!

Bus Tours — Travelling by train is one possibility, by bus another. If you rather like to see more of the country, Deutsche Touring is the biggest bus service that travels European wide. And now you can book your bus tour directly through my Web site.

Luggage And Travel Accessory — Of course you need good protection for your clothes and items. WorldTraveler, an amazingly supportive company, guarantees satisfaction for their customers. Find great luggage and travelgear deals in their specials and closeouts!


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Germany Travel > Info & Booking > Recommendations