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Business Transactions in Germany –
How to TRIPLE Your Success!

Would you like to double, yet TRIPLE your business success in Germany? Do you consider doing business in Germany? Read on to find out what you can do to accomplish that.

No, I'm not going to talk about "how to give a successful powerpoint presentation" or "10 tips for an irresistible rhetoric." I won't meddle in here. Not yet. You will find a lot of good tips from other professionals who handle this topic.

What I will let you know about is extraordinary. It is quite simple, and just few people consider them. I myself TRIPLED my business transactions with these "tools."

Anyhow, let's get started.

1. Television Towers

In each big German city you will find a Television Tower, or "TV Tower." Each one has its own restaurant. There you can meet your business partner to negotiate business contracts.

Sure, fist you have to make sure your business partner does not suffer from fear of heights.

So, you ask, "Do you suffer from fear of heights?" (German: "Haben Sie Hoehenangst?"). If your business partner answers "No, not at all!" you invite him to an appointment on the local TV Tower. You will experience how surprised he will be! Probably, he hasn't got such an invitation anytime before. Usually, we are invited to normal cold offices with cold and unhealthy artificial light.

Maybe some of them have been on a TV Tower before, but probably only for kind of sightseeing. Then you have big points by your business partner, and he will remember that day for the rest of his life!

If in your preferred city is no TV Tower, ask for the highest skyscraper with a tower restaurant. In Frankfurt, for example, the TV Tower is closed, but they have the "Main-Tower," which has a viewing terrace and a first class restaurant.

"And what if he suffers from fear of heights?" Okay, I have one more option for you:

2. Ships

Another good thing is to hold appointments on ships.

Each big city in Germany has its own river. And at each river are several ships - river cruises. Some are big, some are small. Most of them have a big table or a room where you can hold a meeting. And sometimes you'll be undisturbed - or you discuss this with the captain. Many of them speak English. You even can rent a complete ship!

Imagine this, your partner experiences the nature, smells the river, feels the "silence," and realizes the power of your offer...

"And what if he can not stand the waves?" No problem...

3. Rail Stations / Trains

This is an option I also use. Well, I love to use our German Rail and its high-speed train ICE, which goes 300km/h (186mi/h) on its way from Frankfurt/Airport to Cologne. Visit
for further information.

Now, the rail stations in the big German cities, such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, and so on, have a lounge. These are called "DB Lounge," and you can have a quiet and interesting time in there. They offer laptop connections, some even have conference rooms. And some had been built in and with nostalgic surroundings (e.g. Leipzig).

But there is a catch to it (and also a benefit). For a first class passenger plus one colleague it's free, otherwise you will have to pay 10 EUR entrance fee. BUT, all beverages are FREE!

Frankly, I always had a quite good and relaxing time in there. At some lounges you can watch the trains come and go, or people passing by. Fascinating. Most lounges are on the first floor.

Or go outside the Rail Stations, do business inside the ICE Train! It's very exciting and comfortable in there! In the middle of it you will find the on-board restaurant. Good place too! Or, they have five-seat and six-seat compartments with a table in the middle. There you are quiet and undisturbed. You eventually want to reserve such compartments, just in case. And ask for no other than the ICE3. That is the newest and best one for doing in-train business in Germany.

That's it! Quite simple, but not well recognized yet! By using these three opportunities, I tripled my business transactions. So, I hope you do too!

Okay, one more idea comes in my mind. You also can use the first two to tell your Love how awfully you love her/him. ;-)

Warmest regards,
Marcus Hochstadt
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Marcus Hochstadt has a high interest in helping you gain the delightful form of a smart travel to and through Germany. Just recently, he has written a special report on How to Travel for Free! You can download it at

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