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Berlin Germany Insider Sigtseeing – TOP 10 Sights – Part 2/4

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In this second part about Berlin Sights we will go onto the TV Tower, and through the Brandenburg Gate, and... let's see ;-)

Did you know that Berlin Germany has more than 140 Museums? Did you know that this city has more than 1,400 bridges, and besides all that more than 100 additional places of interest? Read on to discover.

IV. Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)
This impressive building was the court church of the Hohenzollern Dynasty. It was also conceived as a protestant answer to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. It was built during the reign of Kaiser Wilhem II, end of 19th Century. Following extensive damage to the building during the Second World War, a simplified reconstruction took place from 1975-93. The Christening and Marriage Chapel contains the altar painting "Miracle of the Pentecost" by K. Begas the Elder. The royal crypt of the Hohenzollern contains around 100 burials of five centuries.

V. Alexanderplatz
Its short name is "Alex," and it's the most famous square in Berlin. It was almost completely destroyed in the World War 2. It has also the big TV Tower which dominates the square, the Fountain of International Friendship, and the World Time Clock.

VI. Fernsehturm (TV Tower)
This is the highest building in Berlin and one of the biggest attractions. It has a height of 368 metres. When you go up to the viewing platform (at a height of 203 metres), you have a perfect view over the whole city you will never forget.

VII. Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)
This is the true symbol of the city. Because it was situated in the no man's land just behind the wall, it also became a symbol of the division of the city. After the fall of the Wall, the Gate was reopened on December 22nd, 1989. It is just amazing to walk through this huge and historical building. Would you like to know how the gate looked like in the year 1770? Or in 1969? Go to
for further information. There you will find the gate's history, and some pictures.

Fortunately, since October 22nd, 2002, the Brandenburg Gate remains closed for cars, cabs and busses. So now you can better enjoy the renewed beauty of the Pariser Platz, which forms the link between the Brandenburg Gate and the magnificent "Unter den Linden" boulevard.

VIII. Unter den Linden
It's called as the magnificent boulevard of Berlin Germany. It is surrounded by trees, which it was not all the time. Hitler ordered the linden trees to be chopped down so that the road could be widened and integrated into the east-west axes. However, by the end of the Second World War, the avenue was a wasteland of ruins. Today you can not recognize this part of history. Unter den Linden has been beautifully and well developed and reconstructed.

Museum's Island? Where is it? Calm down :-) It will arrive in the third part of this 4-part article about the TOP 10 Sights in Berlin Germany. And in the fourth part, we will cover the Erotic Museum an... we'll see what else.

Stay tuned!

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