Thuringia — Magnificent Beauty In The Heart Of Germany

The State of Thuringia, whose German name is Thüringen, is located in central Germany.

It has an area of approx. 16,000 square kilometers with nearly 2.40 million inhabitants, making it the sixth smallest by area and the fifth smallest by population out of all Federal States.

Thuringia is a low land basin of rolling plains embedded by old steep mountains. Much of Thuringia's appeal lies in its landscape — lush green forests and sprawling valleys offer myriads opportunities for outdoor activities.

The most conspicuous geographical feature of this state is the Thuringian Forest — a mountain chain in the southwest. The eastern part of Thuringia is generally plain. The Saale River runs through these lowlands from south to north.

Erfurt, the state's capital is a lovely ancient city and Wartburg castle in Eisenach is one of the most famous castles in Germany.

Thuringia is termed as a magnificent natural beauty in the heart of Germany. 16,000 kilometers of well-maintained, furnished and euipped marked trails makes it one of Germany's top spots for walking enthusiasts.

The state contains the Rennsteig trail through Hainich National Park, the Barbarossa Trail in the Kyffhäuser hills and the Thuringia Trail from Altenburg to Creuzburg.

Original Thuringia Sausages ("Thüringer Bratwurst") [Photo: Matthias]
Thuringia Sausages

The Slate Hilly range in south-east Thuringia comprises 80,000 hectares of high, compact wooded hills dissected by valleys. The central uplands are marked by extraordinary plateaus with splendid panoramic views far across the countryside.

Two reservoirs, the Hohenwarte and the Bleiloch in the Upper Saale Valley are known locally as the "Thuringian Sea." The area is known for its "blue gold" or roofing slate.

Hainich National Park, falls between the spa resort of Bad Langensalza and Eisenach, termed as Europe's largest contiguous area of mixed forest. Its most common tree is the common beech. More than 200 identified peculiar species of bird, wild cats and bats also make it their home

The Thuringians also love to celebrate events — even the closing of a local school! Just stop and involve yourself. Take note of the live music and have some food and a drink.

A lot of money has been invested into the new states after the unification of Germany. Especially in Thuringia many state-of-the-art spas and health centers have been built. Don't miss at least one visit between all the sight seeing and hikings! For this make sure to read through the Secret Resorts section of my site.

Weimar city charms are still brimming with cultural places of interest so it is not surprising that entire town is listed by UNESCO. The world heritage sites of "Classical Weimar" include almost entire sites including parkland as well as buildings and comprise Goethe's house.

We can say that Thuringia is a holiday destination with a varied and rich diversity. Nature and culture are conserved above all else. Also, you'll recognize that the memory of German Authors such as Luther, Bach, Schiller and Goethe is still alive here.

Want to experience an amazing unwinding in the unspoilt countryside? Or explore fascinating castles and palaces other than in South Germany?

What about finding rest and relaxation at a well-considered spa resort or wellness hotel, or discovering medieval cities with a varied cultural scene?

The entire state as well as its pure Thuringian Forest more than lives up to such expectations. Not to forget cities such as Eisenach and Erfurt or any of the multitudes of health resorts in the region.


Yes, by looking at the map on right hand side you'll realize this state is pretty close to Frankfurt. In case you decide visiting this area make sure to capture your Thuringia experiences and submit them to me.

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State's Location

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