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Schleswig-Holstein — A Picture Book Landscape

Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost state of Germany.

It is located in the peninsula of Jutland between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

Schleswig-Holstein shares border with Denmark in the north.

Kiel is the capital of this state.

The state has rolling hills and several lakes, particularly in the eastern part of the state. The name "Holstein" is derived from Old Saxon, Holseta Land, meaning "the land of those who dwell in the wood." The name Schleswig is derived from the city of Schleswig. It is composed of Schlei inlet in the east and vik means settlement in Old Saxon.

The Baltic Sea coast in the east of Schleswig-Holstein is full of fjords and cliff lines. The longest river besides the Elbe is the Eider. The former Duchy of Holstein comprises the southern area of Schleswig- Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein — A Picture Book Landscape [Photo: Frank Jäger]

Its countryside has numerous castles and manors. The state's most popular museum is in Gottorp castle in Schleswig. Another popular tourist destination is the old city of Lübeck, a world heritage site.

Schleswig-Holstein offers dune-fringed islands, an imposing landscape of sand dunes and steep cliffs. There you can enjoy a multiplicity of outdoor pursuits.

The Baltic Sea, North Sea and inland lakes are a refuge for water sports fans. Cycling is also a popular sport along the shores of the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Schleswig-Holstein boasts of the largest mudflat landscape worldwide occupying 450 km along the North Sea coast. If you prefer to enjoy relaxing holidays, I recommend Travemuende seaside resort, Timmendorf beach, Niendorf, and Scharbeutz.

The state offers a combination of Danish and German aspects of culture. The important festivals are the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival and the Nordische Filmtage, an annual film festival.

The official language is German. Though other languages spoken include Low German, Danish and Frisian.

Dithmarschen, located on the North Sea, has lots of churches and a few castles. Churches are mostly built on the topmost point of the villages. The most important church is Meldorf Cathedral, which is quite worth to make photos from.

Lauenburg, southernmost district of Schleswig- Holstein, has several lakes. The largest lake is the Ratzeburger See with an area of 16 sq-km. I remember it was in the 80's when I was canoeing on this lake. It was 7 o'clock in the morning, birds were singing, water was still, fresh air, hmmm... smile

Ostholstein, a district in Schleswig-Holstein, consists of numerous lakes and hills. The district has Bungsberg, which is the highest hill in the state, and the island of Fehmarn, which is the third largest island of whole Germany.

By the way, take a look at the map once again. This state does look like a human face, doesn't it? smile

Now, order your ticket and get here ASAP. Then submit your own Schleswig-Holstein story and tell me your experiences.


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