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Find Secret Resorts In Germany With My Step-By-Step Plan

"Follow these steps and you prevent disappointment."

Since years the Wellness Industry experiences an upswing. Baby-boomers want to stay young, healthy and happy. A Wellness vacation is often a step toward the right direction. Why not just take the time of a two week ease and escape the everyday life? Well, it is very pleasant to be spoiled and refuelled with new energy.

But what if the Secret Resorts, here in Germany also considered as Wellness Hotels, do not obtain the desired effect? What if you get a lousy bathtub instead of a Wellness Park? Nothing deceives more than brochures, intelligently selected words and empty promises.

Smart is who goes here safe and ensures whether the focused Spa Resort offers really everything you expect. You finally want to refuel new energy instead of additional stress, right?

This four part checklist is a step-by-step guidance on how you, too, can select and find German's Top Secret Resorts and experience the highest possible relaxation.

Check Environment First

Check the Secret Resort's Environment First
Secret Resort Environment

First, you have to check the environments of the secret resorts, before you choose which one you're going to book.

Some of so called Top Secret Resorts are located at main streets — with tons of traffic of cars and trucks.

If so, it doesn't matter how beautiful the Paradise within the Spa might be. The silence, fresh air and therefore the relaxation is ruined. Day in and day out you are annoyed that you have paid lots of money for noise and dirt.

To avoid that, ask for the layout plan and you'll see where exactly they are located. It should be near a forest, or at least far away from through roads.

Look At Age And Condition

The Spa's Interior is one more indicator to consider
Spa's Interior

Second, look at the age and condition of the wellness hotels. Meaning, find out when the secret resorts were reconditioned the last time.

In any case it should have been reconditioned within the last ten, better six years.

Look, if it had been reconditioned, for example, in the year 1984 you surely won't just find old bath tubs, but in vain you will be looking for a Wellness Sector.

On the other hand, if the Secret Resorts were reconditioned within the last five years, the possibility is huge that you find everything you need for a relaxing and restful stay.

The Wellness Sector

A real Secret Resort consists of a good Sauna
Sauna in Secret Resort

Third, the wellness sector is one of the most important indicators for selecting a Secret Resort of your dreams.

I for myself know by own experiences that some of so called Spa's promote with "...and outside you have the freshest air in whole Germany" in their brochures.

Well, fresh air outside is good. No doubt. You go out, take a deep breath and exhale. Do that a lot of times during your stay and it will give your inner cells and immune system a huge kick into recovery and health.

Anyway, in the wellness sector you should find more than one Sauna (better four different ones; and with a health-scientific description for correct application), Solarium (if desired), Pools, and most importantly a Massage sector.

At this point the chaff separates from the wheat. I have seen that so many times; a "Secret Resort" without massage. Quite frankly, that is NOT a wellness hotel, is it? They have different sauna, pools, fresh air, almost everything but massage!

Anyhow, make sure those points are in that wellness sector, and the massage and sauna are offered in-house (not a few miles away).

German Hotel Classification

Indicator of Secret Resorts
Hotel Classification Plate

Fourth, check their plate of our German Hotel Classification.

A quite good indicator to select and find Secret Resorts in Germany is our German Hotel Classification. It's masterminded by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA).

They established their classification "code" in 1996. Their assessment is based exclusively on objective criteria. Individual evaluations are emotional and subjective. This is why the hotel rating does not mirror subjective aspects.

And you specifically can use this system as one more criteria on selecting and finding the Secret Resorts of your dreams.

They categorize hotels in a 5-Star segment. Each hotel classified by the DEHOGA has a signal outside their hotel, mostly close to their entrance. On that plate you see immediately how many Stars this hotel has, given by the DEHOGA.

See it however as a short message about quality standards of the respective Spa.

The range goes from 1 to 5 Stars, whereby a Wellness Hotel with 5 Stars might be a Secret Resort. You will, however, also find Secret Resorts with a 3-Star plate outside, but not below that.

Now, in Germany however are some Top-hotels without this plate, because they assign to have "their own" classification code.

Anyway, as I already told you this is one more indicator for your overall evaluation.

Click here for more details about Secret Resorts in Germany and our German Hotel Classification and browse through DEHOGA's descriptions.

Well, now you know a few things about how to find Secret Resorts here in Germany. For further information read my recently published 4-part article about Secret Resorts in Germany.

Now, enjoy your stay in one of our German Secret Resorts!

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