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When I told my friends about my Smart Travel Guide and my plans to give it away for FREE they called me stupid. They said (and at this point they are soooo right!) that other people would charge big bucks for such insider tips. So why am I so stupid and give them for free?!

Heck, it drives me crazy that you have to pay money for almost everything out there! And I know you work hard for each dime residing in your wallet.

I also know that you deserve a dreamful vacation in Germany with precious moments.

That's why I decided to send you my Smart Travel Guide for free.

Each issue will be a source of valuable insider tips and uncovered secrets of where to go and what to do on your trip to and through Germany. You have the chance to save each issue on your hard drive and/or print all of them out so you're able to prepare yourself for your trips properly.

Well, here are some topics will be covered in upcoming Smart Travel Guide issues:

5 Point Checklist You Should Look At before you even start your trip (it doesn't matter into which country you're going to travel to!)

• Where the TOP 50 Secret Resorts in Germany are and what do they have to offer to give you a never-ending-relaxation-dream :-)

40 TOP German Castles and Residences and a Shortcut of Their Histories

• The TOP 20 Amusement & Theme Parks and what specifically they have to give you the creeps

• The TOP 5 Winter Skiing Arenas of Germany

• The TOP 10 Railway Stations With Exact Descriptions of how to get there and what to gain there

• An Insider Guide of Using The Public Transportations in Germany, (many Germans don't even know them!)

251 Secret Insider Tips of The TOP 50 German Cities

• German's TOP 15 Saunas (+ my 3 favourites :-)

How to Have a Sauna That Makes You Healthy instead of sick (do NOT ask anybody in the sauna itself, you'll get confused by all the different information you get there. I'll give you scientifically examined information!)

• The Amazing Discovery of German Night Clubs

Family Tour Guide and Special Tips For Kids & Moms ;-)

Video Tutorials on Several Topics — to Facilitate Your Travel

Hey, I did not tell you anything about the $-Value of all the points above, yet. Some of my friends told me to charge $49 or more for my Smart Travel Guide! But, as I already mentioned, I give it to you for free!

And I have a special bonus tip for you:

Create a folder in your email software which looks like, "!Smart Travel Guide!" Why with the exclamation marks? It ensures, that this folder stays on the top of your folder list, therefore you have instant access to it.

In our world today we are bombarded with tons and tons of information, day in and day out. Sometimes it's really hard to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Heck, I just want to protect you from headaches.

That's where I come into place. I'm here to support you, to guide you, and to make sure you experience a smart travel through this amazing country called Germany.

Now, all you have to do is type-in your First name and your Primary E-mail Address into the form below and you'll receive my issues — for FREE!

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...grab it, relax, and enjoy!

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Your privacy is very important to me!

I think you'll enjoy my monthly Smart Travel Guides. smile


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