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German Rivers — More Than Just Waterways

Taking German river cruises is an amazing experience. We have quite beautiful German rivers. Most of them are surrounded with fresh smelling trees, historical houses, inviting-to-
climb-up hills, and medieval castles.

The four longest rivers are Rhine, Elbe, Danube, and Weser.

I'm going to tell you a bit of their way they take through Germany.

Rhine River

Long And Beautiful Rhine River In Germany
Long And Beautiful Rhine River

Length within Germany: 865km / 538mi

The Rhine River is definitely the most beautiful one. Hundreds of thousands of German and foreign tourists explore this awesome river. It goes from the Bodensee up into the middle-north of Germany. But you will have the most beautiful trip from Dusseldorf up to Wiesbaden/Mainz. At almost each hill you see a castle. The architecture of the surrounding houses and villages are very cute. You probably want to take a few hundred pictures. wink

Elbe River

Elbe River at Hamburg
Elbe River at Hamburg

Length within Germany: 700km / 435mi

Starting in the Saxony (at the border to Czechoslovakia) and going way up to Hamburg where the most ships from overseas are coming in, the Elbe river is important for Germany's im- and export business. And it is amazing, too.

For instance, walk over the fish market in Hamburg and watch huge ships coming in while eating some fresh fish. Then take a trip through the docks. Best during the morning. You'll like the sound and the smell.

Danube River

Danube River at Neuburg
Danube River at Neuburg

Length within Germany: 647km / 402mi

This one goes from the south-west of Germany (city: Donaueschingen, very nice there!) up to the border to Austria (city: Passau, also worth to visit!).

Also here are a lot of beautiful places and cities. We can say that this German river goes through the complete south of Germany. And that means, a lot of hills, mountains, trees, fresh air, nice, friendly, kind people, etc.

Weser River

Weser River
Weser River

Length within Germany: 440km / 273mi

"Where Werra kisses Fulda, they have to pay their names for. And here results from this kiss, German up to the sea, the Weser river." This saying is carved in a stone in the town Münden where the Weser river starts.

It goes further down (or up, depending how you look at it) to the north, passing the forest mountains whose form the Weserbergland (Weser Mountain Land). At its almost final destination it passes Bremen (huge and beautiful city!) and is becoming a more and more broad river. Finally, at Bremerhaven, the Weser river finds its end in the North Sea.

The Rest

Weser River
Mosel River

I further want you to recognize that Germany has a lot more rivers, as well as hundreds of thousands of lakes and small seas. Some of them I'll add to this section of my Web site in the near future.

One example: the Mosel river is not that long but sooo beautiful! It goes from the border at Luxembourg (near the awesome city Trier) up to Koblenz into the Rhine river. The interesting point about this river is it goes left, right, left, right, left, right etc. wink

Now, enjoy your River Cruises on our German Rivers!

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