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Advertise on Smart Travel Germany ("STG")

You now can book your advertisement for ("STG") via our new online booking service.

Here you'll find all the information you need to advertise on STG.


Traffic and page view is steadily growing on With 21,000 unique visitors and 50,000 page views per month, a solid Google Page Rank (4) and decent Alexa Ranking underlines the continues growth in Search Engine rankings for important keywords (i.e. pages).

Visitors arrive at STG, what they get to see literally blows them away, my provided support glues them to come back to STG over and over again, and they appreciate my personal recommendations brought to them via links, "Special Tips" and newsletter Hot Spots. (See the Fan Corner for more information about how STG visitors react.)

Now you too can target my audience by advertising on this Web site.


What do you have in mind? What does your audience want? Which of my audience do you want to attract and receive?

What now follows is an overview of your advertising options on STG. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me using the form below. Creative minds expand the options listed on this page and make this Web site a better place for everyone. wink

Ad Placement Opportunities

Text Ads

The highest conversion in the small ad segment is with text link ads. With or without surrounding text (1-2 sentences), the price is the same... Ad placement on pages other than the home page.


  Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Light Link Package $14 $159
Silver Link Package $19 $216
Gold Link Package $20 $228
Platinum Link Package $22 $250


Traffic will substantially grow over time, therefore your value per click will increase (or... your cost per click will decrease), this alone is a considerable discount. In spite of this, yearly payments are discounted by approx. 5%.

Not to speak of the additional, unadvertised bonuses that come with yearly payments. cool

My visitors are very special to me, so are my selected advertisers.

Special Tip

Gain great exposure for your product or service with my personal recommendation by using my credibility. By using the "Special Tip" option your ad will be highlighted. It will become less of an ad and more of a recommendation.

Special Tip!This is very powerful, yes. And my visitors like what I recommend. In order to maintain this relationship I hold the right to refuse or terminate any advertisement that I feel does not provide value to my visitors.

  Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Special Tip $20 $228

Full Page Ads

You want to enjoy full attention from both human visitors and the Search Engines? Order a full page advertisement and you get exactly that. The price is surprisingly low, I know. So go ahead and order it for that price before I change my mind.


Platinum Package

With the Platinum Package you will receive a dedicated page! Yes, this is really powerful and considered real content. It includes almost everything you'll ever need in order to generate highly targeted visitors...

• Search Engine Submission to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and ASK on a regular basis

• Navigation Bar link

• Blog Entry and automatic submission ("ping") to important blog directories

• Up to 2 photos of you and/or your business

• Up to 3 direct links to your site

/month or
/year (5%+ saving!)


Platinum Package PLUS

The Platinum Package PLUS is the Platinum Package from just above plus it includes the following in addition...

Up to 6 photos of you and/or your business

Unlimited direct links to your site (though more than 10 are not recommended)

Listing of your contact details so visitors can contact you without having to visit your site and search for such information

/month or
$638/year (5%+ saving!)


Please note the 2in1 saving accompanied with a one year listing. You not only receive 5% off of the regular price. Since the traffic to is going to increase substantially in the future so does the traffic to your listing! By locking in to a one year listing right away you ensure not to be affected by future increases in price, within that one year, which will come for certainty.

In other words, as soon as the traffic grows so will the prices be adjusted.

In addition, we are happy to offer additional discounts and unadvertised bonuses when you order more than one package.

Here are the steps you'll want to follow in order to get your entry listed on STG...

Note: We're currently working on the implementation of a proper payment process. In the meanwhile, please contact me directly to discuss further details using the form below. Once those are specified, you'll receive an invoice from PayPal. Thanks!


  Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Platinum Package $49 $558
Platinum Package PLUS $56 $638



All the best,




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