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In this issue...

1. Baby Is Coming, Baby Is Growing

2. Want to win $100 Cash, Today?

3. Christmas Time Is Approaching

4. How's Weather In Germany In Winter Time?

5. Question & Answer

6. Insane Boy Report




What? A new baby is born?


But not what you might think of right now...

Yes, we're still happily married and all is well and
sound, BUT...

Actually, I'm speaking of my new Web site I'm currently
building and growing and planting new seeds--you
get the idea...

It is going to be a blast, this is for sure. This new
baby will become THAT huge, THAT incredible I always
dreamed of--ever since I started with STG three years
ago. (What a loooong time, man!)

It will cover EACH and EVERY city of Germany, ALL major
and minor places and spots you ever need to know
more about or want to dig into...

And you're going to remember its domain name VERY easily
and VERY well. It is so sharp, so easy to remember;

And it makes so much sense...

In other words, it is about to become THE portal, THE
source for your travel to and through Germany, THE source
for your time in this wonderful country, how ever long
that time might be...

Are you excited?


Now you wanna know the URL, the domain name to explore
it, don't ya? Well...

I'm going to give you the domain name soon, just not
yet. Bear with me just a bit and you'll get
the chance to explore this new, wonderful, vast island
of info about the country you (and I) are so
interested in.

Why not now?

Well, there are still a couple of refinements and
improvements to do until I feel it's ready to announce
it to you, Dear Reader.






You really would like to know that name? Can't wait?

OK, OK... you got me...

Here's what you can do in order to get that name.

Go to...

Browse through the site. There is ONE, only ONE live
link to my new blue baby. (Oops! Now I revealed
its color, geez...)

Again, only on one page is the link, but it's a popular
page. (No, NOT the home page... ;-)

Once you are on that page the link is fairly easy
to find. (Should appear to you instantly.)

And to sweeten your time a bit, for the FIRST FIVE who
found the link I'm going to throw $100 into the
basket; cash!

Yup, you read that right.

$40 for the person who finds the link first
$30 for the person who is second
$20 for the third, and
$10 for the fourth

100 US Dollar, just for finding my new, blue baby...
isn't that sweet? :-)

Disclaimer: you need to find the new site via that
link on, no other channel.
Once you found it you simply click on that link.

Then you send me a message either by replying to this
e-mail, or via the contact form on either site,
indicating the page you found the link and the text
that surrounds the link.

That's it!

Pretty easy, hugh? BUT...

You need to act NOW!

Hundreds if not thousands of people see this "offer"
now, so the $100 price certainly will go out
f-a-s-t, if not within a few minutes from NOW!

If necessary, ask your friend, your family, or your
associate to help you find this link.




Oh well, it's that time already...

Snow is falling down... glittery lights all over the
place... smiling people happily awaiting the precious
moments that are so close... kids expecting to finally
receive THE present they so long dreamed of...

Can you feel it? Isn't that time so special?

I simply love Christmas time, especially if it's
snow white. Doesn't happen to be white every year, but
depending on the area you're at, you either have no snow
at all, just a little bit, or a whole bunch of it.

Either way...

In case you plan a trip to Germany during Christmas time
why not go ahead and reserve your seats NOW! Both airplane
AND hotel (and other things you'd like to enjoy during
your stay in Germany.)

Use the *smart* Hotel Search Germany on my site in order
to find the hotel of your dreams (including attractive
prices, of course!)...

Check for availability of 99 EUR air

And make sure to explore the countless and very special
Christmas Markets that are in almost all German cities
and towns. Often even small villages run their own tiny
yet special Christmas Market!




As with most times, and as I mentioned earlier, it depends.
It's always a bit different.

As for temperatures, degrees can go down till -15°C (5°F),
though often it's around the freezing point of 0°C (32°F).

As for snow, hill and mountainous areas are more likely
to have snow than huge cities. BUT, as always, it depends.

We've often experienced snow throughout entire Germany,

In either case, pack in thick, warm clothes since it
will be cold anyway. ;-)




Here is a question submitted through...

"Hi Marcus, how long does it take by train from Frankfurt to Munich, which is the fastest way, I mean by train. Thanks."


Dear visitor,

Frankfurt to Munich takes about 3.5 hours only, with
the high-speed train ICE; 20 minutes less if you
start at Frankfurt Main Station instead of the airport.

At the airport, follow the plates for "Fernbahnhof."
The way goes up, not down. The downstairs take you to the
regional trains rather than long distance trains. To
those you need to go up.

Keep that in mind and you shall find the station fairly
quickly. Bottom line is that the two stations are
perfectly annexed to the airport. :-)




Women love to talk, right? Especially on the phone...

Now, 131 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell invented the
first telephone.

I'm wondering what women did do before that day...



Until next time!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)
Founder of


P.S. Wanna be part of the $100 contest? Then go ahead
and search that link to my new, blue baby site...

How much time do YOU need to find it? :-)




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