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In this issue...

1. German Federal Garden Show 2007

2. It's Spring, It's Amusement Park Time!

3. How's Weather In Germany In Spring Time?

4. Question & Answer

5. Insane Boy Report




Every year, you're going to find a Federal Garden Show in Germany presenting beautiful and stunning flowers and plants in a very huge area.

But... I couldn't say it better than the organization itself. Here's what they say on their Web site at...
(click on "English" in the footer area)

"Look forward to an extraordinary 2007 Bundesgartenschau in Gera and Ronneburg! From 27 April to 14 October, the BUGA (Bundesgartenschau - German Federal Garden Show) in the host state of Thuringia is celebrating a unique festival of the senses.

For the first time ever, the garden show is presenting two contrasting areas: Hofwiesenpark (Courtly Meadow Park) in Gera and Neue Landschaft (New Landscape) in Ronneburg. From the first awakening of spring to the florists' autumn show, the BUGA programme offers 171 packed days of highlights.

Magnificent floral displays, out-of-this-world gardens, fantastic landscapes. Add to that music, dance, opera and operetta. And a BUGA team that sees service as a matter of course. In Thuringia, Germany's green heart, hospitality is an attitude towards life, and conviviality a tradition."

Now you might ask "Where is Gera and Ronneburg?"

That's located in East-Germany, in the beautiful State Thuringia.

The exhibition goes until October 14. After that is a very good time for the Oktoberfest in Munich, right? ;-)




At Germany's theme parks you can have the time of your life. Take your pick from the best roller coaster in the world, a flying carousel with spectacular sea views or breathtaking stunt shows packed with movie-style action.

On my site I already cover the Top seven German Theme
including a Theme Park Guide that can save you HOURS of your valuable time.

Now I'm going to tell you three more...


Universum Science Center Bremen

More than 250 stations invite you on a fascinating tour through the themes Mankind, Earth and Cosmos and turn you into a scientist and explorer.

More information are available at...


Tripsdrill Park Near Stuttgart

The Tripsdrill Amusement Park is located outside of Stuttgart and consists of over 100 "unusual" attractions for visitors of all ages.

Race down a raging torrent in a washtub. Or at the nearby animal park, you can even watch when it's feeding time for the wolves, lynx and bears!

More info? Sure! Here it is...


Holiday Park in the Palatine (Rheinland-Pfalz)

It's the park with The Best Roller Coaster Of The World! (by votes of its visitors!)

All is surrounded by a delightful floral park and woodland setting.

More info? Yup...




Well, it depends. And it's always a bit different. In certain parts of the country it can be sunny with +20 to +25°C, others might have only 10°C.

Either way, it's a good idea to prepare properly by packing some thick clothes for autumn as well as thin clothes for summer into your luggage. :-)




Here is a question submitted through...

"Hi Marcus, when you rent a car in Germany, do you have to have an international driver's licence?



Dear visitor,

Yes, you'll need to have an international driver licence, unless you're from the European Union, therefore with a European Driver Licence, which would be valid in Germany, too.




What a woman, what a life...

I just got married a few days ago. And no, it was NOT an insane decision. It was one from my heart.

The insane decision I took was putting up a photo of my "Home Office Natal, Brazil" on my site (Hint: on the 'About' page.)

Do I not look insane on that one?


More next issue!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)


P.S. Oooh, by the way, the overhaul on my Web site is
almost done. Figured? :-)



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