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In this issue...

1. Very Unique Newsletter Archive

2. Oktoberfest Is Approaching

3. How's Weather In Germany In Summer Time?

4. German Business Culture

5. Question & Answer

6. Insane Boy Report




I felt the demand for creating a newsletter archive. But not any; a very UNIQUE one. What is it that makes a newsletter archive "unique"?

Most archives, I figured, offer you past issues. That's great indeed since you don't have to feel you've lost something. Though, most of us travelers like to have specifically interesting reports and tips in WRITTEN form, don't we?

That's where I thought to go an extra mile and not only put the past issues onto the site BUT to also create ALL past reports in PDF form so they can be downloaded and printed out very conveniently. 'Cause...

What happens when you try to print out actual Web pages? Right, you print all the graphics as well. That does not only cost more but it's kind of distracting from the actual content.

That was where my idea came into mind... to create a very unique archive where you, Dear Reader, have the most benefits out of it, which works quite well for me. ;-)

OK, I had to first make the content "Web site friendly," (is not enough to just copy & paste the words into something), then convert all that to MS Word friendly stuff in order to, finally, get that all PDF friendly (and some sort of good looking; you be the judge, please).


Now you can download the past issues, usually one PDF file per issue (about 3-10 pages each), and print out what interest you most AND that you can make good use of while you prepare your travel to Germany; and/or while you are IN Germany!

You can even pass them on to your friends and family!

In addition, links to helpful articles or pages are embedded so it's easier for you to find what I'm talking about. ;-)

For instance, this very issue is available at...

Just imagine you'd have to write everything down (including all the URL's!), or to remember all that comes to mind.

With these PDF documents "in hand," however, you now can focus on other, probably more important tasks, while you pack the documents into your luggage knowing these topics are "done" now.

Pretty neat, hugh?

But I could be too much into this, so...

Let me know what you think by simply replying to this very e-mail, OK?

Thanks in advance!




Our yearly Oktoberfest in Munich is pretty unique and well-known world-wide.

Millions of people from all over the world rush to this event that is being held around September/October each and every year.

This year, 2007, it's going to take place from...

September 22th to October 7th.

Find more details on my Oktoberfest page at...

On that page you'll find the link to the official Web site of the Oktoberfest (provides English content, too).

"But we have June now. More than 100 days until it's going to take place. Why the heck should I be aware of the Oktoberfest NOW?" - you might ask now...

Yup, that's indeed correct. However, most folks have problems finding a good hotel room AND well-priced air tickets the longer they wait. It even starts now to become a bit difficult (without searching hours and hours in order to find better prices). So...

In case you plan visiting this terrific event go ahead and reserve your seats NOW! Both airplane AND hotel (and other things you'd like to enjoy during your stay in Germany).

Use the *smart* Hotel Search Germany on my site in order to find the hotel of your dreams (including attractive prices, of course!)...

Check for availability of 99 EUR air tickets...




As well as with Spring time, it depends. And it's always a bit different. In certain parts of the country it can be sunny with up to 35°C (95°F), others might temporarily have only 18°C (64°F).

That being said, it's probably a good idea to not only pack summer clothing but also a thin jacket or two. Just in case the temperature falls down 10 degrees (happens quite often in Germany). :-)




Since I am aware of the fact that a lot of business travelers subscribed to this very STG Newsletter I thought to provide a dedicated page for you (if you are one).

Wanna know how our business culture varies to others?

Go check it out...

Near the bottom of that page you'll also find links to two articles I've written targeting business travelers and how to accomplish successful appointments and/or transactions.

I think you'll like that page and the two corresponding articles. ;-)




Here is a question submitted through...
(this link was wrong in past issues, sorry!)

"Hi Marcus, what is the closest international airport to Kaiserslautern, Germany?"


Dear visitor,

To Kaiserslautern it's still Frankfurt International Airport [FRA]. Although there's also a local airport which covers European wide flights and is closer to Kaiserslautern (--> Frankfurt-Hahn [HHN]), the international airport in Frankfurt is still the way to go for when it comes to convenience.

Getting from Frankfurt to Kaiserslautern usually takes only about 2 hours by train or a bit more than 1 hour by car.



Insane Boy Report

My computer's hard drives fill up way too fast.

Figured I have to get new ones.

While researching on the Net I found out GigaByte is NOT the follower of MegaBloks.

Somewhat strange, isn't it...


Until next time!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)


P.S. Remember to check out the very new, fresh, unique Newsletter Archive. It includes all past (and this!) issues as downloadable PDF files!




Send me your single most important question so I can answer it for you and other fellow Smart Travel Guide readers and "Germany Lovers" in upcoming issues!

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