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Unlike at other times, in January 2007 I sent out three short newsletters. What you see here are those three all wrapped together.



Hello Dear Reader,

Just a short note to wish you a healthy, successful and VERY happy 2007.

It's been an amazing year, and I want to support your next to be an even better, happier one. At least at your travels to and through Germany. :-)

Either way, enjoy 2007. May all your wishes come true!








Dear Reader , are you gonna believe this?

Condor, one of the companies I'm affiliated with, offers INTERCONTINENTAL flights for 99 EUR each!

However, you have to act f-a-s-t.

They have only 100,000 flights available worldwide, and that from NOW until January 20, 11:59 p.m. CET.

Though, I am VERY certain those 100,000 one-way tickets will be sold out TODAY!

To be extra clear on this, you have the opportunity to get an AIR ticket from, say, Orlando to Frankfurt, or from Vancouver to Frankfurt, for only 99 EUR (~USD128). (Yup, nineteen nine Euros, that is!)

Again, they opened their "99 EUR doors" just NOW, until January 20, 11:59 CET (Central European Time).

100,000 one-way tickets for 99 EUR each.

Could you ever get an intercontinental round trip for less than 200 EUR? Guess no, right?

So grab your mouse, click forward to...

...and reserve your seat(s) NOW!

By the way, isn't that a great opportunity for a few gifts for your loved ones?

Imagine you order a few tickets now, hidden behind your monitor, and then you tell'em "Hey, I have a very special gift for y-o-u! We're NOT going to fly to Germany next year... but next month. Here are the tickets, dear!"

Just imagine their eyes for a moment...

Make that happen.





Hi Dear Reader,

I received several e-mails asking further questions about, as I call it, the "Fly For 99 Offer" Condor has right now...

Even though the chances to get a one-way ticket for an intercontinental flight for 99 EUR (about USD 128) became quite small now, they still have VERY cheap tickets in their pot! That means, 99 EUR is not the only way to get a never-ever-was-so-cheap ticket.

I just took a look myself again (of course I also want to give some gifts to my loved ones!) and still found quite a few AWEFULLY cheap tickets making me dreaming of certain spots on our planet I (and they) haven't been to, yet.

Just make sure to search not only for this or the next month but further down the future, too! They have that offer right now (until tomorrow midnight CET), therefore they put a lot of cheap tickets into the pot in addition! (I just found several one-way tickets for 227 EUR from or to Brazil -- WOW!)

Just make sure to search, search, search.

Also, intercontinental flights are NOT the only ones they provide. They also offer European flights for 29 EUR, even 6 EUR each (Yup, read that again; it's NOT a typo...), and German flights for 29 EUR each!

Aah, by the way, I checked with them and they are in the Star Alliance. That means if you are a member of the Star Alliance bonus program you're even going to earn bonus points for the Condor flights you're booking now. (Makes the price even tastier -- yummy.)

Either way, good luck!


P.S. I cannot resist -- was there again a few seconds ago...

Seychelles -- 197 EUR (down until April!)
Rome -- 6 EUR (June unil October!!)
Orlando -- 99 EUR (until March)
Orlando -- 198 EUR (from May until September)
Dubai -- 99 EUR (now in January)
Istanbul -- 29 EUR (February until May)
Halifax -- 228 EUR (on September 23)
Mauritius -- 227 EUR (until February)
Las Vegas -- 99 EUR (until February)
Las Vegas -- 198 EUR (in October)
Banjul -- 99 EUR (until March)

GERMANY -- 99 EUR 99 EUR 99 EUR!!! :o)))






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