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Hey Dear Reader,

It's been a while, I know. But I'm going to give you more information in the near future. Promise.

This message today is not one of my usual Smart Travel Guide issues. It's to keep you up-to-date as for what's going to happen at within the next days.

As I told you in my last message, due to my video productions for SBI! (take a peek at...

...I did not have the time for you I usually have. I apologize for that.

Now, BIG things are going to happen in the near future.

Whenever I went to my Web site I became more and more used to its layout and some missing points in reards to user-friendliness. I decided to take my time and go into a necessary, complete overhaul. Yup.

I do it again. After almost two years I'm about to update the entire Web site into one that I guess you'll love. :-)

I'm not going to tell you any details now. It's better to tell you them once you can explore them. ;-)

And that's why the Logo at currently says "Renovation."

That's it for now. Watch for more in the next days.

Enjoy your day/night!






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