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In this issue...

1. Marcus is still alive :-)

2. It's getting hot, VERY hot!

3. "What should I do first?"

4. Question & Answer

5. Insane Boy Report




Yes, I know...

It's been quite a while since I sent out the last issue of my Smart Travel Guide to you. And I have a reason for that...


Last year September, I joined a video demo contest at the company that provides all the tools I need to successfully build the Web site you know (i.e. What does "video demo contest" at all mean?

Basically, SiteSell (i.e. that company) has written educational material that needed to be produced as videos -- including voice over. Such videos should show and tell what is being covered in the written material.

Long story short, I entered, won, and focused on producing as much videos as possible in the shortest time possible AND the best quality possible (together with the second place winner who does the scripting for the videos I produce).

This all makes a lot of fun. And it helps thousands of ordinary people to succeed online. And as you know, I really LOVE to help.

That's one of the reasons why I built -- to help as much people getting the most out of their travel to this incredible country called Germany. :-)

OK, even though the video production has probably nothing to do with travelling to Germany but, I guess you are anxious to watch and hear such a video demo with my voice live, aren't you?

Hmm... I have to confess I'm a bit shy...

...and I have a strong German accent (surprisingly, hugh)...

...heck, some of their customers even said (in its incredibly supportive and open-minded community) I'd have a nice Canadian/French accent -- what a surprising compliment...

OK OK, no excuses allowed, I know.

Good. Here is a link to most of the videos...
(opens in a new window)

But please, do not laugh that laud about me, agreed? *lol*




The greens have been rolled out... the glasses are being polished... technicians start to spite into microphones... Blatter finishely strokes through his hair before going in front of the cameras...

The Fifa Soccer World Cup 2006 is getting very, very close, my friend.

Frankly, even if you do not have a ticket yet for one of the matches... go ahead and get to Germany -- now!

We Germans anxiously awaiting you.

We Germans want to proof how beautiful, how awesome, how friendly Germany and its people can be.

Have no air ticket?


Have no train ticket?


Have no hotel room?


Have no idea what to do in Germany?

Thousands of castles, thousands of museums... 2,000 years old history... amusement parks, animal parks... theatres, cinemas... cities, villages... hills, kilometer-high mountains... fresh weather in the north, hot weather in the south... German bear and German wine... beautiful women and handsome men... fast trains and comfortable trams... I have to say more, Dear Reader? ;-)




This is one of the first questions I hear from people entering Germany for the first time.

This is obviously not you though.

You already know some things about Germany and what to do where. Why?

Well, you visited my Web site and enjoyed some information, right? ;-)

But OK, here's what *I* would do first...

Considering you bought the air ticket only prior your travel to Germany. Considering further you don't know where to go to and where to stay over night.

All right, can be a tough situation yet still doable WITH fun! :o)

I'd first make myself comfortable with the travel possibilities available in Germany, and this right at the airport.

Of course, if you'd like to travel by airplane there are quite a lot of "travel agencies" right inside the airport.

But what about train travel?

The signs leading to the two train stations are placed throughout the airport. One station is for the regional trains, the other one for the long distance trains.

Both are being provided with a kind of office where you can ask whatever you'd like to know. What's the cost... how to get cheap tickets to your targeted destination... and so on...

Once arrived there... every German city as well as village provides an info point at both the street entry as well as at the station. There you can make yourself familiar with what hotels and sights the city/village has to offer. Some even provide free calls to selected hotels and pensions.


And once you arrive at that hotel or pension I would, depending on the day time, either go to bed or just take a rest. Once you woke up I'd ask the receptionist what she can recommend doing/visiting/ attending for the time you are going to stay there.

Just tell her what you prefer to see and experience and she'll be happy to assist you.




Here is a question someone submitted through...

"I'll be traveling to Germany for the FIFA World Cup with my son (8yrs), my daughter (10yrs) and my wife. What do you recommend to do, besides attend the soccer cup? Let's say that my daughter is not a real fan... but she's lucky to be able to go, isn't she?"


Hi Dear Reader,

Definitely, she'll be!

It'll be an awesome experience for all of you.

Millions of people from all over the world will come to Germany around that time. Not only to attend the World Cup but also to see and feel what's going on besides the World Cup and what Germany has to offer.

Of course, the focus will be the event itself, but the hosting cities are going to provide quite enough exhibitions and shows for "the rest of us." :-)

Cafés and Restaurants (some are with, some are without wide-screen televisions), museums and theatres, river cruises and bus tours, to name just a few...


Let's say, your kids want to have fun but far, far away from any soccer tones... Well, Germany has more than 50 Amusement and Theme Parks!


And at the end of that page I'll provide a 5-step plan on how to save HOURS of your valuable time and get the most out of your visit in our theme parks.




I now have a girlfriend. Yup.

She's Brazilian and soso beautiful, funny, supportive, lovely, etc etc (enough for now I guess *lol*)


She asked me to go to the gym since she'd like to lose ten kilos of her incredible body.

I replied, "OK, Schatz (i.e. German for "honey" or "dear"), let's go there. Good idea. I also want to lose a few kilos. But I'll use the stepper by walking backward instead of forward."

"Why that, man?" (It sounds sooo funny when she says 'man.')

"Well, simply because I want my abdomen to be like he was five years ago — flat. So, I'll literally walk back to the past to become
like I was."

"What an insane strategy, man..." was her response.


More next issue!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)


P.S. During the World Cup, make sure you travel through Germany by train. There's no more comfortably way to get to the hosting cities — without traffic jams. So go ahead and get the lowest-priced tickets and combos at...





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