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In this issue...

1. STG is getting better... for YOU!

2. Christmas Time in Germany

3. "What is the best German Gift, Marcus?"

4. Question & Answer

5. Insane Boy Report




As I told you in my last quick message, STG (Smart- is under a major overhaul right now. If you're like me (curious to see what's new) yes, you now can take a peek. :-)

Go to the very fresh home page...

...and let me know if it's inviting (OK?) by simply replying to this e-mail. Thanks!

While you browse through the site you may also discover that several pages are still in old look.

Please bear with me. They'll all be updated soon, perfectly fitting into the new navigation structure and having the new, fresh Look & Feel.

OK, here are benefits of the new Look & Feel and navigation structure that have been incorporated already and should help YOU getting the most out of your STG visits, therefore preparation for your travel to and through Germany...

1. SiteSearch — You now have access to the SiteSearch, which is Google powered (!), giving you the opportunity to find respective information f-a-s-t. Simply enter your keyword / search term (i.e. your question or what you're searching for) and a new page will open displaying search results (pretty much like you get to see on itself).

2. New Site Navigation Structure — The new structure, represented by the four big buttons in different colors on top, makes it now more clear as for what is where. Please let me know if it's not?

3. City Tours — Once you enter the German Cities Zone most are now being presented in a "City Tour" format. This means you can stroll through the cities using the top and/or bottom "City Tour navigation," bringing you conveniently to the next city's sight.

4. Help To Improve STG — You might have already recognized that link in the footer, you now can easily let me know of certain things (ex., misspellings) you think should be improved on STG. You even don't have to submit your e-mail address for that. Simply fill out the form, click on "Submit" and you're done. Also, by clicking on that footer link, a new browser window opens so you can continue navigating through the site and entering more "things to improve."

BTW, that "Improvement Form" is now also on the updated Fan Corner page.

Again, let me know how this new structure is working for you by simply replying to this e-mail. Thanks!




Christmas Time is coming, in Germany too! :-)

While travelling around the world (nowadays, I'm living in Natal, Brazil), I recognize more or less differences in how folks celebrate Christmas Time (in case they do). That's where I thought it's time to let you know about how we Germans do celebrate this precious and special time of the year.

You will find Christmas Markets in all German cities and towns, and in some of the small villages.

They are usually located right in downtown -- on market or other special places, or throughout "walk only" ways passing the shopping stores.


The ultimate German Christmas Market Drink iiiisss...

...the Glühwein (a hot, dark-red wine).

Germans love drinking this kind of wine at that particular time of the year. Remember, Christmas Time in Germany is cold (between +10 and -15 degrees Celsius). This hot wine gives a solution to our cold "problem." ;-)


"How's the weather in Germany in December?" you might ask now.

Well, it depends. And it's always a bit different. In certain parts of the country it can be sunny with +10 to +15°C, others might have 0 to -15°C, with or without snow.

Either way, it's a good idea to prepare properly by packing some very thick clothes (including gloves!) into your luggage. :-)


If you're like me, a "last second present seeker," German Christmas Markets are THE solution for your every year problem. They're special in that you will always find a present "at the very last second."

The variety our markets present is unique. And a lot of such presents are being hand made. Some even right in the moment you visit the store, right in front of your eyes! Now, if that is not unique, what else is? ;-)

This brings me to a question I get quite often...




At Christmas and all other times, give a present representing something from YOUR country.

A lot of people fall into the tap to give something that is German or from Germany.


Bring something with you from YOUR country or region. THAT will bring a smile and happiness in their face. :-)

But before I dig any further, here's an article I wrote about this...

Print it out. Read. Enjoy. :-)

And let me know how it went.

Note: Of course, if you've been told otherwise, give them what they want. In other words, if they gave you a kind of "wish list" telling what they want, (and something from your country or area is NOT on that list), give it to them.




Here is a question submitted through...

"Marcus, We have one day, actually 7 hours to see Berlin. Can you recommend an agency to give us a condensed view of Berlin?



Hi Charlene,

One of the parts I updated on my site is the Berlin section...

It now contains a page listing all major Berlin Tourist Information stations. Their staff is very happy to assist you.

Simply click on the "Next" arrow at the Berlin City Tour navigation to get to that page.

Aah, in case you need their phone number, here it is...

+49-30-250025 (whereby 49 is the country code for Germany)

Yes, they do speak English.




In one of my past issues I told you about my "new Brazilian girlfriend," didn't I?

Well, that new girlfriend is now my future bride! :-)

Wedding will happen in April, in Rio de Janeiro.

And now I'll have to learn how to dance Samba.

Can you imagine how it is dancing Samba with German legs?

I guess I'm going to ruin the entire wedding, at least make everyone laugh hours long, about how my feet touch my face instead of the floor!

Let me know if you wanna see photos of that insane behaviour...


More next issue!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)


P.S. My Web site found a new layout and navigation structure. Check it out...

...and let me know what you think by simply replying to this e-mail?





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