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Hello Dear Reader,

Today, ooops yesterday (October 3rd) was a day for deep consideration and remembering precious parts of life. 15 years ago, Germany celebrated its reunification. I remember this time like yesterday.

Celebrating people throughout the country.

It actually started way back in October 1989 when Leipzig inhabitants started to fight peaceful against what I call "imprisonment." What started gentle went to a kind of mass demonstration. East Germans realized they now have a chance to live as free as West Germans. They decided to go out of the cell. Was quite brave.

As you probably know, some died previous that time while they tried to flee (i.e. trying to climb the Berlin Wall and being killed). However, in 1989, many started to go to Austria further down to Hungary. Hungary was actually a partner of the Warsaw Pact, so Erich Honecker must let them go there. They escaped to the German Embassy (in Budapest I believe).

Then, in November 1989, West German politicans (especially our honored Friedrich Genscher, later lovely called "Genshman") negotiated with Hungary to let the Germans enter West-Germany. Hungary's Foreign Minister was honored throughout Germany for his courage and determination to decide against what the Warsaw Pact was supposed to be and to say (what I called "a cell within itself").

So, it was a late night when Genshman stood on the Embassy's balcony to tell the waiting Germans that "you may go out."


All Germans were screaming. Ouch, what a thrill I tell you. That was a moment... it still gives me the creeps when I remember that moment. He stood there, few lights were on, spotting on him, with his coat, and while he said the word "out" all were screaming as if they would finally get some water after a 5 month dry period.

And I sticked on the picture tube.

At that time, there literally hasen't been any news I haven't read and watched. For me, it was so liberating, reassuring, encouraging... I have to search for words for the feelings I had for the East Germans. (I'm a West German by the way.)

Finally, this event started mass demonstration throughout East Germany, particularly in Leipzig. People continued their peaceful power to free themselves.

Another public figure I'm going to mention is Michail Gorbatschow (in Germany lovely called "Gorbie"). He actually negotiated with Helmut Kohl to "not disturb" (i.e. warlike fight) the reunification process.

OK, to make a long story short, October 3rd, 1990, was finally the day of reunification. Silly things happened on that day, I'm telling you...

At that time, I lived in Cologne and was 21 years young. My girlfriend and yours truly decided to drive to Berlin to watch the celebrities and stay there for a few days. I, "intelligent" how I was, decided to start our drive at 6 p.m. I said, "OK, at midnight, they celebrate the most, so for the 600km (373mi) we need 6 hours. Let's leave Cologne at 6 p.m. my dear." -- "Sure, darling."

Heck, how come I was so naive to think we would be the only ones on the road? I don't know... What I now is that we came into "some" traffic jams. In addition, the maps weren't that accurate. ("How come? Ouch, sure, Stasi.")

Anyway. It was 4 a.m. in the morning when we finally arrived downtown of Berlin. Most were gone, sure.

So much to that experience.


Now, 15 years later, we still have this reunification process going on. Frankly, we were 40 years separated. 40 years long, East Germans were influenced by dictators. And 40 years long, West Germans were influenced by liberty.

However, from day to day, month to month, and year to year, we get closer to each other. Annoyances have been eliminated, new economics have been build. Yet many inventions now come from East Germany.

Tourism increased tremendiously. The new states (we actually don't call it East Germany anymore) have so much to offer and to explore. Awesome.

So much to my today's devotion.

Well, I think it's always a good idea to take a rest from everyday's life, "sit down," and reflect precious moments money can not buy.

Oh, and today, I remembered some people who "united," too... Heidi Klum and Seal... Steffi Graf and André Agassi... to name few.

By all means, and the main reason for this and all of my posts is, I wish you all the best for your life. May your god bless you.

And don't forget, each organism has, like you, the right to gain and enjoy a peaceful, fulfilling life. Help them.

Actually, it's the same whether you keep the fly inside the cell (when she tries to go out of the room and always hits the window, some are even alarmingly impatient, grab the flypaper, and kill that peacable fly), or just open the window a bit so she finds her way out (i.e. safe her life).


P.S. Say, you come to Germany and want to help Germans? OK, the least you can do is learning German. You show appreciation. However, learn it f-a-s-t.

(Actually at least 10 times faster than any other method you probably know of.)