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Today I have spent a couple of hours on creating a special gift for you. I guess you'll love it! More about this in a few seconds.

First, I want you to consider how it feels being bombarded by a bunch of information you would like to follow, but it will steal you time for more important and valuable things.

Do you know how it feels like helping almost everybody with everything inside your heart, with all your passion, but some other people suffer? When you think you give everything but for some people it is still too little?

This happened to me the last weeks.

I'm always willed to support and help other people. Giving advice and, if wished, guidance is one of the highest valuable things I love to do. When people are satisfied because of things I did, quite frankly, I'm the happiest guy all around the globe.

On the other hand I can not satisfy everybody, and that hurts me sometimes. I know, some people tell me things like, "Who cares? Just be yourself, Marcus, and don't care about whether other people are satisfied or not."

That's kind of worrying. I know we are living in countries where people use words like "Independence."

Have you considered that people from e.g. Asia and South-America live differently? I guess they don't know the above word. I suppose they don't have these kinds of words in their dictionary anyway.

I myself personally know many Brazilian people. They all use words like "Solidarity" and"Community." When you meet such people, after a couple of seconds you are their friend immediately.

Okay, sorry about my excesses. Sometimes I am a bit confused of some people.

And over all I want to make a difference. That's one of the reasons I build my website. The travel industry is a very huge one. Everybody tells you he would have "the best" for you and for everybody.

By the way, "for everybody" is impossible. No product out there is for "everybody." It is impossible inventing a product everybody wants.

But this is another subject, and my site is not about business, it's about Travel and Germany. Travelling is one of my passions. ;-)

So, because you waited a long time for the first issue of my Smart Travel Guide I have a special gift for you.

The last hours I spent on creating this gift, just for you.

Yes, I'm still swetting… :-)

I think you'll like it. I mean, you'll LOVE it!

What it is?

A Video

Humm, I created a video tutorial on how to use our German online route planners.

Calm down, you don't need to be able to talk and understand German anyway. You have me for that! ;-)

Go online, grab your favourite beverage, relax, sit down, take a deep breath in and exhale, and watch it. You can watch my video as often as you want.

And when you have your trip to Germany you can first go online again and plan your trip with my guidance.

Humm, how is that?...

Okay, if you ask me, yes, there is something you can do for me too.

When you ever heard of the sentence, "What you are willed to give comes back some day"...

...go to my

Contact Page

scroll down to the "Testimonial" form and tell me how excited you are about my video.

If you love my gift, I am totally blessed, and become red in my face.

I think your satisfaction will help me getting over a time like this.

And by the way, do you know what the highest form of human pleasure is?


So, enjoy your day. :-)

Best regards,

P.S. Go ahead and grab your special gift, a video And if you think some of your friends might like to receive that (and a bunch of other things) too, sign them up for this Smart Travel Guide, so that they get my gifts too. (they get a confirmation e-mail)

P.S.S. The more people receiving my Smart Travel Guide, the happier I am. And the more people telling me their enthusiasm about my site and what I do, the more I am motivated to stand up when my alarm clock rings :-)