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In this issue...

1. Caesar and Cleopatra

2. Party of the Century

3. Train Travel Experience

4. Insane Boy Report




My apologize, Dear Reader.

I know I'm more than one week late with this issue, and there is a reason for that.

I have no own family yet. I mean, I have no children and not found the woman of my life yet.

My "kids" are my two cats that are so so cute. They are Maine Coon cats. Others told me that would be an "American Forest Cat." Is that right?

However, my two cats are brother and sister. Both were born on November 15th, 2002. Their name are Caesar and Cleopatra (Cleo). Male and female.

Caesar always wants to snuggle and cuddle, so he is women's darling. ;-)

Cleo is a very independent sports ace. She jumps 1.80 meters or 6 feet high (while Caesar just shakes his head when he sees that), she climbs up the walls in a way you think it's virtual reality--yes, kind of Matrix (then Caesar starts to yawn; he lazy).

Caesar is very huge and weighs 8kg/17.6lb, and tiny speedy Cleo weighs 3.5kg/7.7lb.

Interesting, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the other day, she walked behind the metal bars that are at my balcony. I live in an attic flat by the way (second floor).

So she walked there, graceful as she is, it was wet because it rained one hour ago, and...

...she flew down.

Caesar was shocked.

I was shocked.

She is fine.


to see how she is doing and looking... like a princess, isn't she?

I immediately went to the doctor. We have a quite good one here. Once he checked and touched her legs and body (because she limped heavily) he reassured me.

Now she is the same jumpin bumpin princess of sporty beauty that she was before her flight experience.

And after a couple of sleepless nights, my life is back to normal as well. :-)



Hey, do you know what happens in 325 days?


Germany in state of emergency...

The Fifa World Cup Germany...oh my.. :o)

The last time we hosted a football/soccer World Cup was in 1974. And my friend, I'm telling you, we are "soccer-silly" and obsessed by it!

Germany without soccer is like...

days without lights or...

(my favourite saying:) tomato soup without tomato! :o)

Means, it does not work.

You probably remember the time Boris Becker became famous in tennis. To that time, we "all" were obsessed by tennis. We watched tennis all day long (and all night long as well, depends on where the matches took place...).

The soccer-silly people (and the soccer clubs) screamed, "Hey, and what about us, hugh?" because all the newspapers put the soccer stories well behind the tennis stories.

That was unusual for Germany. Very unusual.

However, that was 10 to 20 years ago. Today, Boris Becker ("Bobele") and Steffi Graf retired, and the soccer headlines and stories are back on "their" first pages.

And so was at the past Confederations Cup as well.

Anyway, I just want you to notify about an issue that might become very VERY important in the near future.

Well, we both know eBay, don't we? We further know that we find almost everything at that online auction. So it will happen that you are going to find tickets for Fifa World Cup 2006 Matches.

Keep your hands away from them!

I repeat that because it is critical.

Keep your hands away from tickets sold on eBay.

There are reasons for that. Best is you visit the new page I have created around the Fifa World Cup 2006...

...with the red "alarm" box ;-)

Also, you are going to find information on the twelve venues and supplementary insider tips and descriptions on how to get to the stadiums.

My head is still steaming because I've created nine pages in the last five days. And yes, the last three will be created very soon. Promise.

So go ahead and check out what is all about the upcoming World Cup...

...and make sure you apply for the tickets right away or when the next application process starts (depending on your home country).

Yes, you read that right, you have to apply for the tickets. Why?

Well, we here in Germany welcome all soccer fans as our friends. That's why we use the headline

"A Time To Make Friends™"

And as you probably know there are quite a few hooligans that always want to disturb peaceful matches. And most of them are known and registered by the federal police.

So the application process ensures they keep them off the matches and all other spectators can enjoy safe and precious moments.




Travelling through Germany by train is more than comfort. It is stress free, you have time to look for sights, you have time to talk to fellow passengers, and... some trains are pretty F-A-S-T. :-)

But make sure you have tickets of good value.

The best I've found online is...

...simply because they have many different options so that you surely find what you are looking for.

Of course, the German Rail itself has special offers as well *sometimes,* but most of the time Rail Europe is better.

So make sure you check out that special offer page I have found for you at... get the most out of your train travel.

And who knows, maybe we meet each other in one of our high-speed trains ICE! :-)

And yes, the above link is an affiliate link and I will get a little bit in the case you order.

So if you find your perfect ticket but are going to order it later than today, please refer back to my above link. The price is going to be the same anyway, whether you go straight to the Rail Europe URL or you use my above URL.

BUT if you use my link to order the ticket, you not just support the rail company but me also.

So please esteem and reward my efforts. Thanks :-)





According to the Federal Statistical Office, there have been 338,769,000 overnights in Germany in 2004, whereby 45,374,000 by foreign guests. (Germany has 82,532,000 inhabitants.)

And in the first four months, the numbers increased by 2% respectively 8%. than 45 Million visitors from abroad!




The government decided to improve the German school system because of the past PISA studies. In the PISA document, it was told that Germans are below average. In German: not as good as we all think we were.

It seems as if I have to go to school again.

I think at first I should learn the International Alphabet.

Yeah, I guess once I replaced my insanity by analythic, I'm going to increase the German knowledge dramatically.


More next issue!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)


P.S. Make sure you travel through Germany by train. There's no more comfortably way to watch and relish the sights and the country. So go ahead and get the lowest-priced tickets and combos at...




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