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In this issue...

1. All set? Say YESSS!

2. Train Travel Experience

3. Question & Answer

4. Insane Boy Report




No way back, Dear Reader! Say yes or yes. :-) What I mean by that?

The final draw took place in Leipzig last Friday.

Well, as you probably know, we'll have the how I call it "party of the century" next year here in Germany.

15 Million "Germany Fans" (I'll explain in a minute why I don't say "football fans") want to watch at least one football/soccer match but there are only 3 Million tickets available. Can you imagine what a rush that means?

"Germany will burst" you might say. Well, considering we have 82 Million inhabitants, 15 Million have a weight of well 18%. So, Germany will weight 18% more than normal. ;o) (Don't worry, Germany won't fall under water next year summer *lol*.)

Now, do the following. Go to...

...and make sure you reserve one of the last, good seats in one of our beautiful hotels.

By going there, you can click to each venue and will get to see which country is playing where. Additionally, you can grab the very fresh Fifa World Cup 2006 Schedule -- free of charge, of course.

You'll find the download link on right hand side.

OK, only 176 days remaining. So hurry up!

If for any reason you shouldn't get a match ticket (which is VERY likely), in all German cities are at least restaurants providing a wide-screen TV. (Don't forget, we Germans are soccer-silly!) Some will even provide them on the street, in downtowns, and at famous squares.

So you shouldn't miss a second of the World Cup 2006. ;-)




Traveling through Germany by train is more than comfort. It is stress free, you have time to look for sights, you have time to talk to fellow passengers, and... some trains are pretty F-A-S-T. :-)

But make sure you have tickets of good value.

The best I've found online are at...

...simply because they have many different options so that you surely find what you are looking for.

Of course, the German Rail itself has special offers as well "sometimes," but most of the time Rail Europe is better.

So make sure you check out that special offer page I have found for you at... get the most out of your train travel.




Here is a question Mark submitted through...

"Marcus, My wife & I are coming for the World Cup from the US. The game we have tickets for is in Gelsenkirchen June 12. If we stay in Cologne or Essen what type of transportation will they have to Gelsenkirchen? Also, do you recommend us renting a car for our week or using the rail and public transportation while we are there?

Thanks, Mark"


Hi Mark,

Just three words...

Travel by Train

The area you will be visiting is being called Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr-Area) and is full of streets, and you better travel by train. As I remember,
they have always traffic jams. By traveling by train you can see the country. Most importantly, you are on time. In other words, you won't miss a date or appointment, or match. ;-)

The railway of our German Rail is very well maintained. There is no city you can not reach by train. I would almost say you can reach each village by train. That's not the whole truth, but nearly.

So, make sure you get yor ticket at...

...and make sure you reserve a seat.

Well, of course, German Rail will provide with tens of thousands of additional trains for the upcoming World Cup. But they all will be filled up to the roof I think. So if you reserve your seat you ensure to sit soft. ;-)




The state is broke.

"We all must fasten the belt more closely."

I already set an indication: Yesterday, I switched off the under-floor heating in front of my garage entrance.


More next issue!

- Your "insane" Marcus :-)


P.S. Make sure you travel through Germany by train. There's no more comfortably way to watch and relish the sights and the country. So go ahead and get the lowest-priced tickets and combos at...




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