Public Transport Germany

Special Tip!Most German cities offer a so called Welcome Card. With it you have FREE use of public transport as well as many other benefits and discounts. Prices vary from 7 EUR for a 1-day ticket for one person, up to 39 EUR for a 3-day group/family/couple ticket. Welcome Cards are being offered in airports, hotels and tourist offices.

If you plan using public transport in Germany it is, in most cases, a wise decision. You can go literally everywhere with it. Our public transport is being highly maintained and constantly reconditioned throughout the country. I mean, it's right, we do have train stations in all German cities and towns, and in many villages as well. However, if there's no train station available in your preferred village there is, surely, a bus service.

Anyway, here we go... wink


Ways of public transport in Germany
Flugzeug (Airplane) Airplane When you go through the city, German airports are declarated by a sign you see on the left here. Or you find the description Flughafen or Airport. Inner German flights are often used in business cases. All big German cities have their own airport.
Logo of German Rail (DB = Deutsche Bahn)
Train In Germany are few different trains. I start with the fastest:
ICE = InterCityExpress
IC/EC = InterCity or EuroCity
RE = RegionalExpress
RB = RegionalBahn (RegionalTrain)
Make sure you get well-priced Train tickets. Here on left hand side, you can see how the signs of our stations look like. They bear a title like Bahnhof (Bf.) or Hauptbahnhof (Hbf.) in addition or instead.
S-Bahn (Suburban Railway) =
Suburban Railway A train that goes underground or upperground, can look like a normal train, often in red or orange color. Faster than tram or bus, slowlier than Regional Trains, because they usually stop at each and every station.
U-Bahn (Underground) =
Underground Looks like a tram but is much faster since it has not to deal with traffic jams. It goes underground as well as upperground. If upperground than only on tracks that cannot crossed by automobiles.
Tram =
Tram Trams go uppergound. Sometimes they are within traffic jams, sometimes they have their own ways.
Bus =
Bus Bus stop has the same sign as Tram stop.
Footpath Footpath Depending on were you are, sometimes it's better to use nothing but your own feet to get to your final destination.
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi Of course, a car (rented?) or a Taxi are also possibilities to get to where you want. In those cases, I'll give you the exact street address or square.