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Nuremberg Christmas Market — Germany's Most Famous One

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The Nuremberg Christmas Market, also called Christkindlesmarkt, is Germany's most famous Christmas Market.

It's being visited by more than two million people from all over the world.

It opens its dorrs at 5.30 p.m. on the Friday before the first Advent Sunday.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market has even an own Christmas Angel, a lady that represents the market.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is located right in the middle of the city, on the Main Market Square.

Nuremberg Christmas Market [Photo: Uli Kowatsch]
Christmas Market

200 stall holders present their traditional wares with red-and-white cloth. That's why the Nuremberg citizen call their market lovely "Little Town from Wood and Cloth.

There, you can find Nuremberg spicy gingerbread, fruit loaves, bakery goods and sweets, typical Christmas articles such as Christmas tree angels, cribs, Christmas tree ornaments and candles, toys as well as arts and crafts products. Favourite souvenirs include "Nuremberg Plum People," little figures made from prunes. And of course, by way of refreshments, there are always rolls with Nuremberg roast sausages and mugs of mulled wine. Yummy!

There's also a competition for the most beautiful and tasteful stall design going on. Rewards of gold, silver and bronze "Plum People" for the most beautiful stalls are being presented right on the market.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market with its traditional image has also been a model for other German Christmas Markets. And it serves as a picturesque backdrop for TV productions.

Visit the official Web site of the Nuremberg Christmas Market for further information.

See? It's definitely a must-visit when you're in Germany in December. Surrounded by snow and with a hot Glühwein in hand, a stroll over the Nuremberg Christmas Market is an unforgettable event! How do you get there? Well, Nuremberg has even an International Airport. Wanna see?


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