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German Culture and Cultural Events

The German Culture is older than 2,000 years.

In this section I'm going to provide more content in the near future. Right now you find content about the past Fifa World Cup 2006. This cultural event had been held in summer 2006 and was considered as "the party of the century."

Germany consist of thousand and thousands of museums in almost each city. This is the most important point to visit if you're looking for details about our German Culture.

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Fifa World Cup 2006

Venues of the past Fifa World Cup 2006

The Fifa Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany had become the biggest party of the century. Official start was June 9th, 2006. We hosted the Fifa World Cup 2006 here in Germany until July 9th, 2006. New stadiums have been built specifically for the F...[read more...]

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