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Frankfurt Alte Oper — Antiquity Mixed With Beauty!

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OK, the Frankfut Nightlife is not that perfect. They could offer much more but somehow it happens that they close their bars and restaurants wayyy too early.

Still, here are two I found very nice so I'm going to share them with you.

At the "Hauptwache" is a very well-known Sushi restaurant. Here, you can taste pure quality! And you are seen by "VIP's"! ;-))) So if you want to see and be seen this one is a must go.

If you'd like to have your breakfast anywhere else than in the hotel, and still have the chance to meet pretty nice people: Harvey's Café is the way to go. It's located in the district "Nordend," in the street called "Bornheimer Landstrasse 34." If you'd like, here are a few details on their website at (only in German).

I just say... Sunday morning... still a bit sleepy... you go in and smell your first fresh coffee... see some really nice people... come in contact with them very easily.... and have a quite gripping day in Frankfurt. smile

OK, that's not really a Frankfurt Nightlife, but... something for after that, right? wink

Special Tip!Remember to print&read my article Frankfurt Germany — 12 Insider Tips. In it, you will find even more of my Insider Tips!

That's about it, my friend. But Germany has "some" more cities. Simply go back and pick another one. smile

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