Albrecht Durer House — Built In The 15th Century

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Walk up to the house of Albrecht Dürer (Durer House), who lived in there from 1471 to 1528 and was considered as Germany's great Renaissance artist.

It is even worthwhile if only for the sight of the handsome half-timbered building, which was erected at around 1420 on the prettiest square in Nuremberg Germany. Just step into Dürer's house, and into his life.

In the screening room, the multivision show "Albertus Durer Noricus" introduces the world and the work of Dürer. In the workshop, modern-day craftspeople demonstrate the techniques Dürer used to produce new prints — motifs on the relief printing press.

Nuremberg Castle [Photo: ArtMechanic]
Historical Durer House

Mistress Agnes Dürer (an actress!) welcomes you to the house and tells about the everyday life in her husband's day — per headset (in German, English, French, Italian and Japanese) and sometimes also "in person" (in English, every Saturday at 2 pm). This is an incredible experience for everyone, especially for kids!

Dressed in housewife hood and thick key federation at her skirt she tells some secrets and shows its former rooms. Thus the interested visitor receives all kinds of unknown of living and working in a famous artists house, of her work in kitchen, studio and house, from funny guests and (not always) industrious apprentices, from her handling of money and (not always simple) relationship with her husband Albrecht Dürer.

A very old building, the Durer House. Our next stop is, um, at christmas. Well, depending on the time you're reading this the Christmas Market is open, or not. Let's see...


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