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Dortmund Zoo Park — Tierpark — Animal Park

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The Dortmund Zoo Park, formerly Tierpark Dortmund (animal park), opened in 1953. It is situated on a total area of 28 hectares. 1,840 animals in 265 kinds currently live in the zoo.

When a giant anteater surprisingly was born in 1975, it not only made the zoo famous in the international zoo world, it also started the Dortmund Zoo's specialization in South American fauna. Since then, it's characteristical for the animal park to keep and breed giant anteaters.

In 1992, the Tierpark built an Amazon House featuring three levels of neotropical rainforest setting with spacious snake, iguana, amazon aquaria, frogs, insects, etc. Also, a new complex to keep and bread giant otters from Brasil was opened in 1997.

Dortmund Zoo Park [Photo:]
Dortmund Zoo Park

The Dortmund Tierpark creates its history on the traditional animal love of the district inhabitants, for whom in the industrial population center a justified requirement on a strong piece of nature was carried out here. Well, everywhere in Germany, ecological problems are discussed and environmental awareness grows, so the urge for the biological knowledge and the realization of natural connections rose.

For the animal park it is not sufficient to only show animals. They rather also impart the necessary zoological information, which is an important task for the scientifically managed zoo.

You surely will enjoy all the different animals lookig lovely at you while you take the difficult decision which one is more beautiful. wink

WOW, what an animal park, hugh? And what's next?

The Stadium, Dortmund's Powerhouse...

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How to get to Dortmund Zoo Park

Train Volmetalbahn
Exit: Tierpark
U-Bahn (Underground) U 49
Exit: Hacheney
Bus Bus 438, 443, 447
Exit: Hacheney
Bus Bus 440, 450, 518
Exit: Mergelteichstraße / Zoo
Bus Bus 449
Exit: Zoo
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
Destination: Mergelteichstraße
Tip: Tierpark is well signposted
Note: You don't know the above signs? Here is an explanation.
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