Dortmund Westfalenpark & German Cookery Book Museum

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The Dortmund Westfalenpark (Westphalia Park) in Dortmund Germany was opened in 1959, whereby it was host of altogether three federal horticultural shows (1959, 1969, 1991).

On the area of the old Kaiser-Wilhelm- Hain, the Buschmühlenpark (shrub mill park), an garbage depot, and wild allotment plants, the park was born. Focus of interest ever since is the 209 meters high TV Tower Florianturm (briefly Florian) with its tower restaurant (yummy!).

The Dortmund Westfalenpark counts with 75 hectars to European big inner city park layouts and serves as a popular trip and recovery destination in North Rhine-Westphalia. It contains the German Rosarium, which presents its visitors more than 3,000 different kinds of roses. This German Rosarium is the third-biggest of the world! Awesome.

Westfalenpark — Dortmund Germany [Photo: Wladyslaw Sojka]
Dortmund Westfalenpark

In the park one finds also the nature protection house. 2.5 % of the total area of the park was spent to the nature protection. This surface is an island of the "honorary nature protection." In and at the nature protection house, you have the possibility to investigate pure nature.

The park is also a place of many concerts and regularly meetings. Ask for a concert plan at the entry.

A large adventure playground for children lets your kids have a terrific time as well. wink

In the Dortmund Westfalenpark reside further a nostalgic doll theatre, a solar energy forum as well as the German cookery book museum.

German Cookery Book Museum

The German cookery book museum within Dortmund Westfalenpark was opened in October 1988. It is honored to the work of Henriette Davidis, who lived from 1856 to 1876 in Dortmund.

In the 19th century, cookery books haven't just been prescription collections, but also practical reference books for women to organize their household perfectly. The cookery books oriented themselves at the social example of the Christian civil family, and derived from it, described the strictly regulated ways of life for women and men.

Not only the middle class, but also the small citizen and worker families wanted to emulate it. The cookery book formed thus the microkosm. So, the larger interrelations of life, the picture of the family, the women understanding in the 19th century as well as the effects into today's social conventions are being after-drawn in the German cookery book museum.

WOW, what a nature park, hugh? Well, what's next?

The Adlerturm...

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How to get to Dortmund Westfalenpark

Actually, there are seven different entrances — all with different business hours! You are going to have the longest so the best entrance times at entries Florianstraße and Florianturm (both are at U-Exit Westfalenpark).
U-Bahn (Underground) U 45, 49
Exit: Westfalenpark
U-Bahn (Underground) U 41, 47
Exit: Märkische Straße
Car / Taxi Car / Taxi
Destination: Florianstraße — Tip: Just follow the TV Tower signs Florianturm
Note: You don't know the above signs? Here is an explanation.
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